SBO’s amazing race

The race has started and its a very exciting competition. Check out the SBO forum for the first challenge and congrads Jenny who was so quick off the mark and got the 30 items of Aussie Scrap Source.

I don’t think I will have time to do all the layouts required but I might have a go tomorrow if I get a chance.

I did some scrapping today, only because I have had to spend 24 hours without internet since we decided to change back from Slingshot to Xtra and the modem was a bit slow in arriving. But all is set up now and running a lot faster. I was playing super geek before and had Dad’s laptop and mine side by side while I installed Windows One Care on Dads and changed the necessary settings on mine for email etc. It took me back to the bad old days when I was working as a techie. I don’t miss the stress and politics but I do miss working with computers and other geeks. Not that I would want to go back to it now. My body wouldn’t handle the stress or the fiddling around in small spaces.

I did think of getting back into tutoring but there is so much politics involved and I know that I couldn’t handle the stress. If only I could find a job that involved scrapbooking and teaching…that would be my ultimate. But cant see it happening so I will just have to find something more realistic.

I had a good time playing around in my scraproom today. I haven’t been to well the last few days and didn’t feel like doing much of anything so I did a little tidying and completed a layout that was in my mind which turned out just as i had pictured it, how often does that happen? I will take a photo and upload tomorrow. Mean time…think I will go read my book, there’s nothing on TV.

night night all…and good luck to all those taking part in the amazing race.


V xx


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