Stolen Questions

I just saw this on Michelle Whorwood’s blog and thought I would steal it. I finished my course last week and at a bit of a lose on what to do with my time lol. I have a lot to get done before Christmas but nothing that is going to take much time with the exception of Christmas shopping and a few things I want to make for Katie and two of my great nieces.

Making : invitations for Katie’s birthday party and pencil rolls for the girls for Christmas

Cooking : Nothing if I can avoid it

Drinking : Tea
Reading:  Into the Fire – Lindsey Fairleigh
Wanting: To be health, or just feel less pain would do
Looking:  forward to Christmas
Playing: Candy Crush Saga
Deciding:  what to get everyone for Christmas

Wishing: I could win lotto
Enjoying: The sun
Waiting: For inspiration to hit so I can finish the first chapter
Wondering: What my final marks for the course are
Loving: the last few weeks of school…enjoy it while I can
Considering: what I am going to write next
Buying: a new skirt for Katie to wear to the Marae on Friday
Watching: South of Hell

Hoping: I have saved enough money to get Katie a tablet for Christmas
Marvelling: How tall Katie has got this year
Cringing: yesterday’s Doctor Who episode, not one of the best
Needing: So many things
Questioning: Where my writing is going next
Smelling: me…must be shower time
Wearing: Jeans and t-shirt
Noticing: how messy my desk is…again

Admiring: the new school photo that arrived on Friday
Sorting: a mental Christmas list
Getting: sore fingers
Disliking: sore fingers
Opening: my mind
Feeling: oddly enough, sore
Snacking: anything sweet

as you might be able to tell, I’ve been in a bit of pain lately, well a lot of pain really. but it really isn’t anything new. one of the joys of having two chronic illnesses is that pain is a fact of life. Last week I was out for the count with pneumonia which worried me as it can be lethal for someone like me on immune suppression medication, but antibiotics and rest kept it from doing to much damage. I am pretty much recovered, still get tired easily but again, just the joys of these wonderful illnesses I have. I try to give life a positive spin most of the time but there are days when i can do it and have to succumb and let them have their wicked way with me so to speak. I don’t often talk about how my life has changed since I first got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 9 years ago. I use to be kind of an outgoing person, not a social butterfly but I enjoyed being involved in things but since getting sick, making plans is not always a great idea. I loved working and meeting people through work but now I can’t even get a job, who wants to hire someone that can’t be reliable, who has to have time off all time because she is in to much pain to get out of bed?

I miss the old me, the fun loving, give anything a go me. Now I have to consider everything I do carefully. If I am very active one day I pay for it the next. Even little things like going to the beach, less than a five minute drive away, can cause more damage than its worth sometimes.

People without rheumatoid or fibromyalgia like to tell me that I can’t let them rule my life. that’s alright for them to say, they don’t know what its like when even a five minute walk on the beach can leave you in pain and exhausted. Hell there a days when I have to have a rest after a shower. that is the biggest thing people don’t understand, why I have to plan what I am going to do with the limited amount of energy that I have.

I saw on TV the other day men doing a walk in Auckland in woman’s shoes to raise awareness for abuse. I would love for someone to walk in a chronic pain suffers shoes to raise awareness. Try walking around a mall with a walking stick or (like I do) an elbow crutch and see what happens. People are rude, impatient and often down right nasty to disabled people. I have been knocked into, pushed to the side (physically not emotionally) told to move and even tripped up. You would think groups of teenagers would be the worst offenders of that sort of abuse but its more often adults and not just men, I have had woman shove me out of the way when I was clothes shopping more than once. Its hard balancing a handbag, walking stick and any shopping, its harder still when people are shoving past you or pushing you around. And don’t even get me started on those horrible little kid size shopping trollies, every been rammed with one of them by someone’s wee darling? I got knocked over with one driven by a sweet little devil of a boy and his mother stood there and laughed, well right up until I told her (after struggling to my feet with no assistance from her at all) that I would be sending her the doctor and physio bills, that stopped the laughter. I would love to see those things banned, their dangerous.

I think its about time someone started raising awareness about chronic illnesses. How hard it is to be sick in a society that only values healthy active people.  we don’t ask to be sick and we don’t have a choice about staying that way either. We don’t get a lot in the way of government help. If you get drunk and have a car accident then ACC comes to the party and gives you everything you need but if you end up with a chronic illness well to bad, you have very little in the way of support, monetary or mentally.

Ok that’s my Monday moan. You probably stopped reading ages ago but there are things I need to get off my chest sometimes so live with it lol.

hope your having a wonderful day…don’t forget its December the first tomorrow…the silly season is upon us once more.


V xxx

2 layouts

I haven’t been around much lately, in truth I have been really busy. Scrapbooking will be taking a backseat for now as I am working my way through an applied writing certificate and hope to go on to a diploma next year. This is all new and exciting for me, its been years since I did any study so finding it a little hard going but fun too. I have always wanted to be a writer, since I was a wee kid, but never thought I would be able too. Now I can feel it within my reach and its so exciting.

So it will be bye bye to scrapbooking for a while though I can’t see me giving it up all together, its my de-stress tool but I wont be doing nearly as much as I have in the past. And in saying that I have two layouts to share today. The first for Artfull Crafts June/July challenge and is taken from this sketch


I kept this one very simple, using Rosie’s Studio shimmer cardstock as the background and also to cut out the rockets using my Silhouette, one of which I inked using Mustard Seed distress inks and then embossed using clear embossing powder. I added some Scotch washi tape along the side, an old brad that’s been in my stash forever, a chipboard pinwheel, also used distress ink and clear embossing powder. the photos were backed using some old Echo Park paper and the title was cut using my silhouette. to finish off I added 3 wee Studio Calico veneer birds at the bottom along with some wee enamel dots.

This second one is for Scrap Our Stash and is from this sketch


I used Heidi Swapp paper, some tags from my stash, wood veneer, glitter book cover I picked up at Kmart, a 6×4 cut out from my silhouette backed by some scrap paper. a 2×3 card, a badge, some wire and a variety of alphas from my stash.

I just love this photo, my wee dd is not so wee any more, heading into the sulky preteens. somewhere between childhood and teenager. Its all about the pout these days. And the awesome mood swings lol.

anyway must dash, I have study to do.


V xxx

Busy May Fly

Ok maybe not a mayfly but I have been busy the last few weeks. Between making my son a album/sketchbook for his birthday next month (watch for photos of that soon) and helping look after Dad who has a badly damaged knee and is stuck in a wheelchair while waiting to get a knee reconstruction (men make the worst patients!) Not to mention being laid up myself with various RA and Fibro issues, it has been a busy few weeks but I have still managed to get a few layouts done for this months challenges.

I have three to share today, 2 for Artfull Crafts and  1 for D’lish Scraps. I played with allsorts of techniques for these, for the first, using the D’lish Scrap mood board I kept it pretty simple, lots of clean lines and simple embellishments. I just went with the softer colours of the mood board and tried my best to make it my own.


I felt it was more important to tell the story of this photo of my Dad and my Daughter, this is all about one of their wee traditions. I used Rosie’s Studios shimmer cardstock in cream, Amy Tangerine Stitched paper, plain black cardstock, one handmade flower with a Kaisercraft Sparklet in the middle, some Prima flowers, mulberry roses, Studio Calico wood veener coloured with distress ink, Freckled Fawn veener and some flatback pearls to finish it off.

This next one was done using the sketch at Artfull Crafts and using two of the very few photos I have of Katie playing sport. Unfortunately she inherited my talent for sports off all kinds, another words non existent. But she did manage a full game of Netball on her first try last year which is more than I ever managed. In fact I think my coach’s words where along the lines of “Vicky please put down that ball and go sit down before you hurt someone else” lol. When I asked Katie if she wanted to play this year she just laughed at me. Oh well, we can’t all be good at everything and she is so talented in so many other ways.

This is the sketch.


And this is my take on it


I used the Kaisercraft Game On collection I won from Artfull Crafts last year. I cut the netball one into bits to use as the layers and used the soccer one as the background. I also used some of the netball stickers from the same collection, a feather cut from corrugated cardboard to much her top, 2 Heidi Swapp resist stars with Spun Sugar distress ink on it. I took the Netball title sticker from the sheet and coloured it silver sharpie and covered the netballer and netball stickers with Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint. I really love the quote that was with the stickers “whether you think you can or can’t, your right- Henry Ford” so true.

and now my final layout, which I just finished using the sketchabilities sketch for this fortnight and Artfull Crafts colour palate for this month.

And this is my mashup of the two featuring my wee princess, granddaughter Lily


I started with paper from Maggie Holmes, added some Stampin Up water colour pencils I just got, and LOVE, in yellow and dark pink. Add in a script stamp from Couture Creations in gold and black.Then I cut out some doodle circles with my silhouette and used ink in pink and yellow, clear and gold embossing powders to change the colour a bit. then layered on gold Craft Smith cardstock cut to make a banner, a scrap yellow paper from my scrap paper bin, 2 tags and a ticket from my stash, a gold stripped polaroid frame from Rosie’s Studio and some diecuts from Rosie’s Studio. The title was done using wood veneer words by Rosie’s Studio that I coloured with ink and clear embossing powder, a bling word from Kaisercraft and a diecut from Rosie’s Studio. To finish off I used twine, 2 Prima wood veneer pieces, and some resin pieces from my stash (I have far too many of these things but they are just to cute to leave on the shelf)

And that’s me for now. I have just over a month before I start my course so I will be making the most of it while I can because I can’t see me getting much time to scrap or anything else once I start. So wish me luck with these challenge entries and I will post some photos of the book I am working on for my son as soon as I finish the covers, the outsides are done but I haven’t touched the inside yet.

take care one and all


V xxx

2 challenge layouts

I have 3 layouts to share today. One for Scrap Our Stash and another for Sketchibilites. I did two using this sketch for SOS but only one is going to be entered since I didnt use the colour scheme in the other.  


This is one was made using Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic pp, American Craft POW glitter paper, Heidi Swapp pp, a doily, canvas which was sprayed with Heidi Swapp gold spray, Sassafras Lass felties, washi tape, gold twine, KaiserCraft bling word, Amy Tan thickers, a Silhouette  diecut ice-cream, a lace bow, a chipboard butterfly, various stickers, a journal card, a pin and a few bits of bling. I made a folder out of the Heidi Swapp pp so I could use the 2 photos, my wee great niece Mia and Katie sharing an ice cream, just too cute to miss.

The word this month is STAMP, I think I have it covered, S – Stencil, spray and Sassafras, T- Thickers, Tape, A-Arrow, M-Mist, Mia, P- Pin, Pink. yip got it covered lol.


This is the other one I did using the sketch. This one was just for fun and because I have a serious lack of layouts featuring my eldest son.


I had fun grunge this all up and trying different techniques.

The next challenge layout is for Sketchabilities using this sketch


I just finished this about half an hour ago. I used Amy Tangerine’s Stitched pp, some Studio Calico pp, Rosie’s Studio polaroid frame, diecut and wood veneer, washi tape, Freckled Fawn wood veneer bird which I covered with gold Gelato, Kaisercraft wood veneer, some Franchiville glitter alpha stickers, a few heart punchies and a few bits of bling. I added water to some distress ink and using a medical syringe I put drops over the page to add a bit of interest and break up the white paper.

So that’s my out put this week. I am enjoying scrapbooking while I can, I have until July then I start my Applied Writing and I can hardly wait, its something I have always wanted to do.

Now I am off to have some lunch. Having a bit of down day today so going to tidy up my mess and just take some me time.


V xxx

Sketchabilities challenge

I love the sketches at sketchabilities, I’ve gone there for inspiration more than once but never entered one of their challenges so this time I thought I would get brave and actually enter one of my layouts this time. I actually did two layouts with this sketch so will share them both but was only going to enter one but then I reread the rules and found that you can enter more than once. in for a penny in for a pound right?

First up is the one I did with this photo of my handsome son Steve. This photo was actually taken last year but my then 8 year old daughter. She has a real natural eye for photography. I used Maggie Holmes Open Book pp, some Amy Tan pp from the Cut and Paste line. Rosie’s Studio journaling card and wood veneer word (amazing) which I covered with white ink, a studio calico wood veneer typewriter, also covered with white ink, Tanya Leigh Designz chipboard arrows also covered with white ink. handmade wire word (be) and its finished off with washi tape, kraft tape, sequins, Studio Calico rubon stars,  a paperclip, a watch charm and a quick spray of Mr Huey’s.


unfortunately when I took the photo of this layout there was a bit to much light and it came out a lot lighter than it actually is. I just love the Maggie Holmes bulls eye paper, sort of suits Steve and his many goals in life, as do the arrows.

Ok on to layout two, which oddly enough I did first but wasn’t sure if it was good enough for the challenge. I started with black chalk cardstock from DCWV, then I took the last piece of Tim Holtz grunge paper that has been in my stash forever, I sprayed it with Heidi Swap gold colour spray, inked it, ran it through my Cuttlebug with an embossing folder the just generally beat it up some more. The rest of the papers all come from the Rosie’ Studio Into the Woods line (and I can’t help singing the theme song from the movie Into the Words in my head every time I use the line lol) Also used was a snappy polaroid frame from Rosie’s Studio, diecuts from the Into the Woods line, that fox is super cute and gold words from the same line. Its finished off with some flatback pearls, 2 tags, a butterfly cut from a aluminium coke can and dry embossed then  covered with Ranger alcohol ink and finally a few flicks of Heidi Swapp gold spray which I let dribble down the page


So that’s it for now. I have a few more layouts I want to share but will leave it for another day. Let  me know what you think. Thanks for popping by.


V xxx

Scrap Our Stash Challenge

Another layout for Scrap Our Stash March challenge. This one was a word challenge with a twist. You need to use items starting with the letters in the word STENCIL. It really caught my imagination and challenged me.

It took several days of thinking before I even sat down at my desk. I started with Amy Tangerine Stitched pp with clouds (that took care of C) I took some white tissue paper and pleated it then stencilled clouds on with distress ink (S, T and I)I used some glitter tape and kraft tape I found at Kmart (more T’s ) I took some acrylic Heidi Swapp letters and used a Sharpie to colour the B navy blue (N ) and the rest of the letters are spotted with the same Sharpie. Then I used Diy Thickers and added distress glitter (love this stuff but man it makes a mess) and the Cool cut file from the Silhouette Store. I finished off with a Fab Scrap chipboard butterfly which I embossed (E ) and a label (L) which is stamped with a Heidi Swapp stamp that says Noted (N again) and using chalk ink (I again) and finished with a red heart because it was cute Smile 


Now I need to rush over to SOS to post this as it closes like NOW lol…trust me to leave it to the last moment.

wish me luck


V xxx