Risen Gods–J F Penn & J Thorn

“It doesn’t matter what you believe. The time is here regardless, and they are coming. After so long, the gods are rising again.”
Ben Henare turned away from the gods of his ancestors to follow his own path, choosing the modern world over myths of demons and monsters.
But when New Zealand is shaken by earthquakes and dark powers are released, Ben must fight his way north through ice caves and oceans, battling the evil god Whiro and the creatures of the earth and sky.
Lucy Campion is a trainee doctor, a rational scientist with no belief in demons. When her parents are killed and her sister is threatened, Lucy is tasked with carrying an ancient talisman north to where the oceans meet. But both human and supernatural foes stand in her way.
As the people they love are threatened and New Zealand begins to crumble, can Ben and Lucy find each other again and save the country from the wrath of the Risen Gods? (taken from Goodreads)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in the old gods, they exist, and they are coming back.

Its not often that a book successfully melds the modern and the ancient and does it in such a way as to keep a reader enthralled and leads them to discover something about themselves that they didn’t know existed. A belief in the myths that are as much a part of our culture as the Haka or the All Blacks.

I have always been fascinated by old myths and legends, It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, every country has stories of gods and heroes which have been handed down for generations. As a child of New Zealand, I grew up on the Maori legends. At school we were taught of the hero, Maui and of the great love of Ranginui and Papatuanuku. These are just a few amongst the many stories of gods, monsters and heroes in Maori mythology.

Risen Gods brings many of those stories to life and packs them into an adventure filled dark fantasy that sets the imagination a-fire. This well researched novel dares to ask, what if it isn’t myth, what if it was all true. What if taniwha (monsters) did once roam this land? Is it the gods that cause the earthquakes that have been rocking our islands these last few years? Are they upset over the abuse we have subjected this beautiful country to? Are demons lose and causing the chaos we have been subject to this decade? The earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions and wild storms?

Ben didn’t believe in the old gods, he shrugged them off as stories his old Koro (grandfather)  told him when he was a kid. Lucy didn’t believe in them either, what did these Maori myths have to do with a pakeha girl? But the gods had a mission for these two, who had been best friends since childhood, and time was running out. It was up to two non-believers to learn the truth and save the country, before it was to late.

Dark fantasy at its very best. Put Risen Gods to the top of your reading list. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this is a fascinating and compelling novel with some very strong characters and an edge of your seat narrative. It is well researched and crafted with great care. It took me just one night to read this book from cover to cover, it was one of the best stories I have ever read, I couldn’t put it down.  As a kiwi it struck a cord with me, and as someone fascinated with the many dark and scary legends across the world it caught my imagination. If you truly want to get lost in a book, this is the one you want.


Happy Reading

Broken Beloved – N.M. Howell


Broken Beloved: An Immortal Nights Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel by N M Howell

They took everything from her. She’d give it all again to keep him safe.
Anna sacrificed everything to save her brother’s life. She endured endless torture. She killed. Now she wants to close her eyes and sleep forever.
Only she can’t. She’s a vampire.
There’s only one person in the world who can save her, but she’s too consumed by pain to see it.
He knows, eventually, he’ll succeed.
One day, he’ll set her free. (taken from Amazon)

Released today, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC from the author of this brand new vampire series. Its not a long book but very well written. Young Anna is turned against her will when a rogue vampire coven causes the death of her parents in a car crash, leaving her badly injured but her three year old brother escapes unscathed. The vampire coven uses him to control her, afflicting all number of atrocities on her over the space of 15 years. When she final escapes with her brother she finds a home for him amongst a pack of lycan and finds safety among her own kind in an underground vampire city. There she meets Wern, her immortal beloved, her soul mate.

But the past haunts her, trapping her in a deep depression. Wren fights to set her free of the past but he can’t break through the wall she has built around her. Their love could be over before it has a chance to start.

my thoughts,

A very enjoyable narrative but for a few small things I had issues with, it would have been better for the novel to start while she was going through the 15 years of torment by the rogue coven and to explain how she escapes instead of starting at her escaping. There are flashbacks but they don’t give enough information to get the full picture which would make the story richer.

When reading the original ARC of this novel there was an explicit sex scene which I am glad to say the author has chosen to take out. It was not exactly YA suitable. There is a certain amount of swearing but to me that is not a big deal.

Beyond those few issues I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to the rest of the series. Its good to read a vampire novel from a different point of view for a change, it gets a bit boring when the vampires are always the bad guys or the irresistible pretty boy attracting the sweet innocent human girl. This series looks to be a breath of fresh air in the vampire genre. The characters are believable and have a realistic arc, although a supernatural story it deals with some very human issues and does it well.

I will be reading more of N.M.Howell’s work and if it is all up to this standard it will be reading time well spent.


Happy Reading

Phoenix Child–Alica McKenna-Johnson

Phoenix Child (Bk 1 Children of the Fire) –Alica McKenna-Johnson

Fifteen-year-old Sara walks into the San Francisco Center for the Circus Arts determined to ignore the freaky things happening to her. As powers she doesn’t want and can’t control overwhelm her, Sara must decide if she can trust the strangers who say they are her family… descended from a common ancestor four thousand years ago.
Sara clings to her contented and well-planned life as a foster kid, successfully working the system, as dreams, powers, and magical creatures drag her towards her destiny.
When the ancient evil that killed her parents comes to San Francisco, Sara is forced to choose between her fears and her desire to protect those she loves.
Sometimes great things are thrust upon us. Sara wishes this supposed ‘greatness’ didn’t include a new name, unicorns, and catching on fire.

(taken from Goodreads)

A girl grows up in the foster system with no family, she knows how the system works, she has her life planned, until the day she turned 15 and her world went insane.

I love this book..seriously I love it. I couldn’t put it down. The whole narrative is so well written, twisted and forever throwing something new at you. Step inside the mind of a frightened young girl who has so much happening to her she doesn’t know where she stands or what her next move will be. Terrified of losing control of the life she has built herself within the system, she doesn’t know who she can trust.

The plot is great, easy to follow for a novel that has so much going on. With some books the storyline gets lost in the action, but The Phoenix Child stays true to its plot throughout. As a character Sara is very easy to picture, her story arc is believable for a young person her age, though she is very independent its not unusual for a child growing up in the foster system to be mature for their age. She gets thrust into this world where she has to grow up fast to be able to survive it and her character adapts as any child would.

If the rest of the series is as good as this first book then it will be well worth its spot on my to-read list. This author is new to me but already I love her work, she has researched well in order to make a believable world for Sara to live in, having an insight to both the world of the circus and the foster system. But to build a separate world, the world of the Children of Fire, takes a level of craftsmanship that we don’t often get to witness. She has introduced the Children of Fire’s world so that it slips so easily within our own world that it almost seems like it could exist. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, I may have to sneak it up my reading list because I don’t think I can wait Smile 


Happy reading everyone.

2 for the price of 1

I have two books to review today, both from the same series so I thought it would be easier to do them together.

The Darkest Days – Death and Decay book 0.5 – R L Blalock

This is the prequel to the Death and Decay series and tells the origin story of Officer Wyatt Ward, a police officer just trying to do his job when all hell breaks out around him. He tries to protect people as he has been trained to do but he was never trained to fight the feral creatures he is up against now, the former residence of Cottleville, St Louis. He doesn’t know what has happened, he just knows he wants to get home to his wife and young son. It would take a few days and a lot of deaths to return to those he loves and when he finally gets there he finds out his life will never be the same again.

The research done on this novel has been amazing, the author has obviously worked hard to understand the point of view of a real police officer on the front line, of how they think and what they feel. And all the hard work she has put into research shows in the narrative.

The character growth of Wyatt and his story arc are so well written you can almost feel like you’re right there with him, feeling what he feels and just trying to do his best to look after those he swore to protect. The fact that he still needs to help people at the end of the narrative is amazing, more than wanted to, he needed to help.

Reading this short narrative before going into the first full book gave me a great insight to what Olivia was facing and how hard living at the end of it all would really be. The author has caught the pain, grief and share resilience of the human race, she hasn’t shied away from the gore but she has put it in context, not just killing for killing sake like so many other books I have read.

Devour – Death and Decay book 1 – R L Blalock

This book covers Olivia’s journey with her baby, 18 month old Elli, from Chesterfield, St Louis to the sanctuary of a farm belonging to friends just outside the suburb of Troy. It was only a journey of 36 miles, at any other time it was a mere half hour drive but that world had just died, leaving her stranded on the Boone bridge with a small child, facing a horde of flesh eating, feral, former people. She did the only thing a mother could do, she runs. Along the way she meets some very brave people and some not so brave. Each step is full of fear and grueling torment.

I love this book, the only thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no more in the series yet. I hate waiting! lol. The author has written a very realistic portrayal of a young mother pushed beyond  limit of her endurance to save her baby. The fear, the grief, the amazing heroism shown by Olivia makes for an exciting read. It was worth a night of very little sleep to get it finished. I had to know if she and the baby make it to safety. 


These are two books to add to your reading list. I can’t wait to read the rest when they are released, nd once I have, I will be back to update this post. Sorry they are short reviews but I have been up since 4.30am with a sick daughter. It’s now 10pm and my bed is calling…rather loudly Smile

Happy reading everyone, have an awesome weekend.

The Harvesting Book 1–Melanie Karsak

The Harvesting Book 1Melanie Karsak

Layla Petrovich has spent her whole life running away from her hometown of Hamletville. Raised by the town’s medium, and dubbed the “weird” girl for her fascination with swords, the last thing Layla wants is to go home.
But when she receives a desperate call to return just as a mysterious outbreak sweeps the country, Layla’s instincts urge her to go. Good thing, because the dead are rising.
Layla, however, isn’t entirely on her own. With her psychic powers growing, surely everything will turn out okay, right?
Not so fast. Just when Layla believes she might survive the apocalypse, a sinister and ancient force rises from the shadows to finish mankind for good.

-Taken from Goodreads 

When Layla got a call from her psychic Russian grandmother telling her to come home, she dropped everything and drove the 500 miles to her hometown hours before a killer virus sweeps the country. When the dead start walking and Layla is forced to mercy her beloved grandmother. When the small town starts to fall, Layla took charge and with the help of her ex-boyfriend and his brother. The town is safe, bordered by a lake and forest, the residences start to feel secure, until two men show up in a boat one night. Then everything really does go to hell.

This is a zombie novel with a twist, a mystic twist, and it makes for a very different sort of narrative. As if zombies weren’t bad enough, the writer has so much more in store for her readers, she threw in vampires, emerging psychic powers and a mystic labyrinth just to make it even more exciting.  It’s a book that never lets a dull moment sneak into its pages, from start to finish you don’t know what is going to happen next.

Well written, with a quick pace. this is a book not to be missed, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Happy Reading


Musing Monday on a Tuesday

Ok I know that doesn’t make sense but, remember, I am writing this from the future, well ok not really the future but New Zealand is the first to see the new day so Tuesday to us is Monday night to you in the Northern parts of the world.

Anyway all that aside, Musing Monday is brought to you by the lovely people at Purple Booker, a fab book blog I have just started following and its a really cool idea so of course I had to follow it, even if it means its Musing Tuesday which really doesn’t sound nearly as cool. Basically you pick one of the questions below and write about it, also there is a random weekly question you can write about also.


Musing Mondays is a weekly meme that asks you to choose one of the following prompts to answer:

I’m currently reading…
Up next I think I’ll read…
I bought the following book(s) in the past week…
I’m super excited to tell you about (book/author/bookish-news)…
I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)…
I can’t wait to get a copy of…
I wish I could read ___, but…
I blogged about ____ this past week…

THIS WEEKS RANDOM QUESTION: Do you try out genres you have not liked in the past once in a while just to see if your taste changed?

So I am going to pick Up next I think I’ll read…mainly because I finished my latest book today, The Harvesting: Book 1 by Melanie Karsak which I will be reviewing later in the week. So tonight I will be reading, newly downloaded from Net Galley , Moon Chosen by PC Cast.  I have read most of the House of Night series but that was a while back. I want to say I really enjoyed it but I can’t really remember. I do remember hunting my local library for more of her books in my pre-kindle days, which means it was over four years ago, btw my local library didn’t have them because, they suck! lol, just kidding I love libraries even if I don’t tend to read paper books that much any more, its the smell, know what I mean? But I do like the way PC Cast writes, that much I do remember so this will be interesting. I have no clue what its about but if its fantasy its got my name written all over it.

I have had a pretty steady diet of zombie novels lately so its time to bust out (though I will admit to binge reading the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Meads while I was sick last week, can’t help myself Dimitri is like my dream book boyfriend, well if he was like 20 years older because panting over someone the same age as your son…yeah that’s just not right.) Ok distracted…again, blame the meds and move on.

Next question please – Do you try out genres you have not liked in the past once in a while just to see if your taste changed?

I do do this, not often but occasional I will read something out of my bookiverse but in most cases I crash and burn before I get halfway through. I recently got a romance sent to me to pre-read before it was released and honestly, the book was well written but romances bore the hell out of me (Unless they involve tall sexy hot dhampir Russians that can kick ass lol) I am fussy about what I read, if it isn’t well written then it will go into my throw away pile pretty quick, no matter the genre.  I don’t like chick lit at all, I do enjoy the occasional mystery or literary classic but mostly I prefer my reading list populated with books oozing blood. I was going through my kindle the other day and realized that my reading list had got very dark indeed so I went and found some YA to lighten it up a bit, not a lot but more dark grey than black now lol


Anyway loves that’s it for me tonight, I am still getting over the major health meltdown I had over the weekend and need an early night. I will be posting a review later this week but in the meantime happy reading, and don’t forget to let me know you’re thoughts. Tell me your favorite genre, what’s in your bookiverse?

After Everyone Died–Sean Little

After Everyone Died–Sean Little

The Flu, that’s what everyone called it, culled the primate population of the planet. It struck hard and fast, wiping out the whole of humanity. For reasons he can’t understand, Twist is left alive to face the apocalypse alone. Well, not entirely alone-his neighbor’s gassy Labrador, Rowdy, tags along for the ride. Twist and Rowdy are forced to face the new post-apocalypse world together, holing up in the local library and scavenging supplies to outlast a long, cold Wisconsin winter. Twist has to adapt to the emptiness and isolation of an empty world and come to terms with the fact that he might be the only person left alive in the entire world. In a world where boredom and loneliness are the greatest threat, Twist must survive, keeping the hope that others might be alive, as well.

Taken from Goodreads

 A touching story of a young man finding his way in an empty world. Twist is almost 18 when he loses everyone he has ever known, alone and grieving, he soon realizes that the only one that can help him is himself. The hard Wisconsin winter is coming and he knows if he doesn’t prepare now he won’t survive.

It is amazing how strong someone can become when they have no choice. This novel is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Told through Twist’s journal, we get, not only his actions, but his emotions, the suffering of a person truly alone.  We take the journey with him while he searches for other survivors and prepares for the long winter ahead with just an elderly dog for company. The story is well written, the character growth very realistic, and the fact that the author hasn’t down played  the physical and mental affect of an apocalypse would have on a person makes for an engrossing story. A lot of writers don’t venture into the emotional damage losing everyone you love would cause, but Sean Little has jumped into it with both feet, not holding back on the feelings of lose or the suicidal thoughts that Twist is forced to deal with. He has told an amazing story of a boy thrust into manhood, with everything he has ever known striped away.

I read this book in just a few days, it was such an intriguing storyline it captured my imagination.