Planner Layout Jan wk3

This month is sliding by, heading rapidly toward my birthday on Thursday…21 for the 27th time lol. My layout this week is a bit of a hodge podge, I used a lot of different stickers because I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted to use.


  • The Oh Snap sticker set is from Victoria Thatcher 
  • Unicorns from Lovely Planner (I love them and use them a lot.)
  • The crown and bottom washi are called EmojiFun and also from Victoria Thatcher (she has the biggest and coolest collection of freebie planner stickers I have come across.)
  • The cute wee sloth is another from Lovely Planner (I love that she includes a Silhouette cut file, making it so much easier to cut her stickers out.)
  • the rest are from various other places, if anyone recognizes them please let me know, some I have had for months and can’t remember where I got them but I want to be able to give credit where it is due.
  • I have used another sidebar from Mambi, I like the ‘currently’ sidebars, helps me keep track of what I was doing and liking that week.
  • and finally the “60’s” card came from Studio Calico, I included it since I was a 60’s baby, only just though lol 
  • I used a lot of washi tape this week, my stash has grown with all the new ones I have brought from Ebay lately. The only one I wouldn’t recommend is Little B 3mm tape, I don’t know about any of their other washi but the one I got doesn’t stay stuck, I ended up pulling most of it off and replacing it with something else
  • This weeks quote says, “If you can’t get ride of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best take it out and teach it to dance – George Bernard Shaw. It seemed suitable since the skeleton in my closet has been knocking on the door a lot lately.

So now I need to fill in the to do’s this week, which I shall do while watching the rest of the Supernatural season one I have been binging all weekend lol. Have a great week one and all.

Chosen–Christine Pope

The first book of The Djinn Wars series. Chosen follows the story of Jessica Monroe, who sees her family die in moments when the Heat, a mysterious virus sweeps across the world, killing 98% of the population in just a few days. As her family turns to dust, a voice in Jessica’s head assures her that she will be alright. Sad and confused, Jessica follows the instructions the voice gives her and finds a safe haven high in the New Mexico foothills. At first she is alone, the voice is still there and she finally feels safe, then Jase appears at the gate. The voice assures her that handsome Native American man is ok, that she can let him in.

The two start to build a life for themselves, working together to make the homestead a real home. They don’t find any other survivors but see signs of them around the small town at the bottom of the foothills. Everything has gone so well, Jessica finally opens up to Jase and the two fall in love. But everything changes when she finds out what Jase really is and is then kidnapped.

Apart from bodies turning to dust, this book seems much like any other end of the world novel, except for the mysterious voice. It makes you feel like everything is going to be fine, until it isn’t. When things go wrong they do it quickly and keep you guessing about what’s going to happen next and who is going to save them. Who are the Djinn and why did they do what they did? And why was Jessica chosen to stay alive when everyone else died.

Great summer reading, not to heavy but enough twists to make it interesting and keep you reading. A great start off to the series, I am book two now, will add my thoughts to this review when I have finished it.


Is it Friday yet?

In an attempt to get some organisation into my life I have decided to set a blogging scedule.

  • Sundays I will be sharing the weeks planner layout, complete with printable freedies if applicable.
  • Wednesdays will be update days, another words sharing with whats going on in my little corner of the world.
  • Friday will be book review day. I will review a book or series I have recently read and rate it out of 10.
  • Once or twice a month I will be updating my book list page, this will be where I will list the books I have read and the ones I want to read. I read ALOT so will try and keep it as up to date as possible. I will include links to the authors and to places you can buy the books I have read.
  •  The Planner Links page will be updated whenever I find a new site I like enough to add it.

So thats it, my New Years resolution is to be more organised. Wish me luck.

January Week Two Planner layout


This weeks planner layout, already to go.

  • I used stickers from Victoria Thatcher called Mahalo Beaches. Victoria has some of the nicest free planner stickers I have come across.
  • The bottom stickers I  made myself from images I got off the internet. I don’t like the standard quote stickers you get everywhere so I found some quotes I liked and made stickers out of them, cutting them with my silhouette, I would share it but I forgot to save it because I had dumb as my daughter likes to say.
  • The quotes say – When something goes wrong in your life, just yell “Plot twist!” and move on  and Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that  make your weird little heart happy.  very suitable for me.
  • The sidebar is from the MAMBI website which has a number of nice printouts.
  • I finished off with some of the washi tape from my constantly growing collection. I have issues when it comes to washi tape, I love it and can’t resist buying it. I buy most of mine from Ebay. I can pick it up there for as little as 10cents, it helps that I am an Ebay junkie and refuse to pay NZ prices which goes for about $5 nzd a roll.
  • I will finish the layout by adding in my appointments and to do’s for the week with a few funky colored pens. I have a huge variety of pens but mostly used Sharpie fine tips, Inkjoy and gel pens. I like to use lots of color.
  • I will probably add more small stickers too, just to emphasize anything I write or, more often that not, because I like them lol.

I will be back later in the week with another book review and also a book haul, since I am a kindle user there will be no physical books but I have taken advantage of the New Year sales at Amazon and Amazon Australia and brought a few books I really needed, well ok, wanted. Also I will have a list of sites I subscribe to that send you out free book alerts. Amazon has thousands of free books if you know where to look and a lot of authors will give books away to get reviews and help with future sales. But I will go into that later in the week.

Right now its summer school holidays so I am fighting for computer time with my gamer daughter. Apparently by not letting her on the computer for 10 hours a day I am depriving her and ruining her life. She’s just turned 11, and letting out her inner drama queen…ALOT.  Needless to say there has been a few small arguments lately. She has a very high IQ but she is also on the spectrum (mildly autistic) and very stubborn, so our arguments normally end up in a battle of wits. But I am older, even more stubborn and have already brought up two kids who tried to out wit me, and I have learnt a lot since then.  I have also learnt the easiest way to win the argument is the good old mother standby, Because I said. It worked with her two big brothers, it works with her. Parenthood is such fun isn’t it?

Right that’s me for the night, I will see all you lovely people later in the week.

Faith–Ron Vitale


Book 1 Jovian Gate Chronicles

By Ron Vitale

In October I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Ron Vitale’s new book Faith, the first book in his new series The Jovian Gate Chronicles and a carry on from his Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries series, which I highly recommend you read before venturing into this new series. Faith was released in early December and well worth adding to your reading list.

Action packed and exciting would be the best way to describe Faith, though a back story for some of the main characters would have made it easier to get into, that did not stop me from enjoying the story as it is written. But when I first started reading this book I felt like I had missed something. It just started, no back story on any of the characters which made it hard to get into at first. Having not read the Cinderella’s Secret Dairies series, beforehand, I had no prior knowledge of any of the characters and struggle for the first few chapters. It wasn’t long before the wordsmith worked his magic and I was pulled into the very diverse storyline.

It is a strange tale of the future, the catholic church and time travel and aliens and magic and…well you get the picture, there is a lot going on in the story and a lot to keep track of and names to remember. It takes concentration to keep it all straight. And it is fast paced, making it a wild ride where anything could happen. Its not a book that can be put down and left till later, it demands your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, trying to keep up with the plot of the story and guessing at the over all theme of the prose.

Not wanting to give too much of the story away I will just say, if you’re going to read this, the first book in the Jovian Gates Chronicles, read the Cinderella series first, this series leads on from that and it will give you a good feel for the characters and a better understanding of the overall theme of the series.

This book is an exciting read, I can’t wait to see where the author takes us next.


Lost in Texas – Rhiannon Frater

Living Dead Boy 2: Lost in Texas

By Rhiannon Frater

Having read the first book of the Living Dead Boy series in two days, unable to put it down, I expected big things from book two and big things is what I got.

The first page puts you on the edge of your seat and the rest of the book keeps you there. Josh Rondell maybe young but he knows how to handle the undead, in the first book he went from pretending to fight the undead to trying to save his family and friends from the reality of a zombie apocalypse. He dealt  with issues that no child should have to face, he fought monsters that wore the faces of people he loved and dragged his friends along with him in the search for safety.

In this book,  he is at last safe, with his father and his surviving friends, baby brother Drake and the love of his young life, Corina, on their way out of the danger zone in a school bus. The bus is in a convoy, surround by the military, law enforcement and anyone else who can hold a gun. They are safe, well, almost.

No matter the genre she writes in, Rhiannon Frater’s novels are always original and full of the unanticipated. She has stuck to that winning formula with Lost in Texas. There are more twists and turns than a country road, so action packed and fast paced you have to read it fast if you want to keep up. Rhiannon captures the personalities of each of her characters so flawlessly, from a traumatized 3-year-old who has seen his big brother kill his mother, to a panic-stricken college student so desperate to escape the dead she puts everyone in danger.

I was originally put off by the fact that the main protagonist was a child, but once I got into I relieved that  Josh is one of those characters that eclipses age, clever, resourceful and strong, he could be any age. He is certainly someone I would want on my team when the zombies come. 

If you like your reading with an edge of fear, this is definitely the book for you. Not a child’s book even though it has a child protagonist , but I would recommend for readers over the age of 12 years, it is also good for an adult looking for a different view of the zombie apocalypse. Every book I have ever read in this genre has been written from an adults or teenagers prospective so this series is a refreshing change.

9/10 rating

Things are changing

I know, two posts in two days…scary! I was looking at my blog and thinking, its time to change things up a bit. I have changed a lot in the last year or so and I think, finally excepted that this is who I am now, my old life pre Rheumatoid and Fibro isn’t coming back so its time to take charge of my life and learn to guide it in the direction I want to go instead of just floating from one health disaster to another with nothing in between. This isn’t an easy process, its going to take baby steps but for the first time in years I have decided I am worth it. worth everything I want.

So in the sprite of change, I am changing things right here. My blog is getting a make-over to fit in with my mental make-over. For a number of years I was writing two blogs, this one and a post apocalyptic book review site. I have decided to quit trying to keep up with both and simply combined it into one. I am working on that now, I will add a page for the book reviews and another for my own book (with sneak peeks for anyone interested) and another one for my creativity, planners, scrapbooking and all the other crafty things I love to do. This is all to come, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my new look blog be. But hopefully it will be exciting and interesting enough to attract a wide variety of readers.

Now its getting late so I just want to do a quick share, I received this months Planner Kit from Studio Calico today and I was going to make an unboxing video but it was so hot here today and I went to town with my parents (never the smartest move.) and by the time we stopped for lunch (ok it was at my very fav place here in Motueka, called Toad Hall, they have ice chocolates to die for.) ok getting off track. By the time I got home I was so exhausted that I just collapsed and caught up on some Netflix for a bit before daughter got home from her after  school play date. (my daughter is on the spectrum and social situations, well lets just say its hard for her and for her to have a friend is Huge!)

Ok what was I saying, oh Studio Calico…hhhmmm well…like I said yesterday, by the time you convert it from USD to NZD it’s $37 or there abouts, that’s a lot of money to spend on something less than inspiring…but you be the judge. I took some photos.


photo 1: it comes in the brown heavy duty cardboard envelope, packed neatly into a sweet wee zip up case.


photo 2: this is everything that is in the envelope


photo 3: there are four packs of stickers in glassine bags, each set has two pages which isn’t to bad but they are all velum stickers and won’t fit into my Happy Planner without cutting down. they are good quality stickers though.


photo 4: this is the pen which is cute but I have seen them at the $2 shop.


photo 5: there is this wee dashboard which I love, its to small for my HP but I will use it somehow cos its adorable! it has a Shakespeare quote that reads, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” so fitting for me right now.


Photo 6: 1 roll of Washi tape, it has pale blue banners on it and I can see me getting a lot of use out of it. A bag with 15 diecuts, very cute, I particularly like the coffee cup one. I can definitely use these. Finally two pads of round post it type notes, kind of cute and you can never have to many post it notes right?

What are your thoughts on the kit, would you buy it? I think the thing I have loved most about it is I get happy mail each month lol. Love to hear your views.

Its finally starting to cool off here so I think I will head to bed, I have a new book to read and shock, horror, its not a zombie book, its a sci fi romance lol. No chick lit for this girl. Good night all xxx