I love books, and I read a lot, seriously a lot! I will attempt to keep an ongoing list of the books I read and links either to the review or to where you can find them. I don’t review all the books I read, just the ones I really love and to be honest, if I don’t love it, I won’t finish it, the books here are the ones I finish.


Blood and Salt (End Times book 3) – Shane Carrow

Addict in the Wasteland (prequel to Wizard of the Wasteland) – Jon Cronshaw

Zombie Rush Trilogy – Joseph Hansen

The Blood Lies – Lee Isserow

The Blood Flows – Lee Isserow

Ella the Slayer – A W Exley

Henry the Gaoler – A W Exley

Alice The Player – A W Exley

Rory the Sleeper – A W Exley

Zombie Rush Trilogy – Joesph Hansen

Hell Divers – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Zed’s World – Rich Baker (audio book)



Fueled by Dragon Fire – N M Howell

Last Bastion of the Living – Rhiannon Frater

Last Mission of the Living – Rhiannon Frater

dEadinburgh-Vantage (Din Eidyn Corpus Book 1) – Mark Wilson

The Calling – E M Aguilar

Rise of the Undead (End Times book 1) – Shane Carrow

The Wasteland (End Times book 2) – Shane Carrow


Divided – R L Blalock

Noahs Ark Trilogy – Harry Dayle

Pink Episode 1 – J B Cantwell

Empire of the Tooth Book 2 of the Animal Kingdom series – Iain Rob Wright (Arc, not yet released)

The Fall of Man – Jeff DeGordick


Reign of Blood – Alexia Purdy

Hell on Earth – Tony Urban

Unleashed – Dirk Patton

The Agora Virus series 3 books- Jack Hunt

The Noru series books1-5 – Lola StVil

The Blood Lives – Lee Isserow


The Colony (Raspers Book 1) – Kathleen Groger

The Calm Act – Ginger Booth

Broken Beloved – N M Howell

Risen Gods – J F Penn & J Thorn

Journey Across Texas – Rhiannon Frater

Seasick – Iain Rob Wright

Forbidden (Tempted #1) – Selene Charles

Unleashed: V Plague Book 1 – Dirk Patton

Animal Kingdom – Iain Rob Wright


The Vampire Academy series Bks 1 – 6 – Richelle Mead

The Harvesting – Melanie Karsak

Midway bk 2 The Harvesting series – Melanie Karsak

The Darkest Days Bk 0.5 The Death and Decay series- R L Blalock

Devour Bk 1 The Death and Decay series- R L Blalock

Ash, Wheels and Zombies novella – M Van

Ink – Melanie Karsak

Phoenix Child, Bk 1 Children of Fire – Alica McKenna-Johnson



Ava’s Revenge – (Unbounded series 7) – Teyla Branton

Mortal Brother – (Unbounded series 8) – Teyla Branton

Set Ablaze (Unbounded series 9) – Teyla Branton

Last Christmas (Year of the Zombie book 12)David Moody

I Hope You Find MeTrish Marie Dawson

Chosen (The Djinn War book 1)Christine Pope

Taken (The Djinn War book 2)Christine Pope

After Everyone Died – Sean Little