Sick Girl and Happy Mail

Katie has been up and down since yesterday afternoon. I thought she had come right this morning but she was down again this afternoon and has been getting roaring temperatures that go up suddenly and go down just as fast. Poor baby she’s so unhappy and very very cuddly which is a sure sign that she is sick, she’s normally far to busy to have more than a very fleeting cuddle but today she has been cuddling up on my knee or snuggling up to me and giving lots of kisses which I take advantage of while I can, it doesn’t happen often. I just spent the better part of the last hour and a half sitting on the floor next to her bed singing her to sleep, after dosing her with panadol and rubbing her back with Vicks. She just couldn’t get comfortable and settle down. Finally I just sat and sung You are my Sunshine over and over until she fell asleep in self defence…works every time lol.

Katie and I got some happy mail today. weeks ago I signed up for the new march 001Nutricia web site and promptly forgot all about it and then today in the mail we got this  cute wee teddy. It was so great to get happy mail for a change. The only question now is does this wee fellow go to Katie or does he take up residence on my desk in my scraproom. Hmmm well Katie hasn’t claimed him yet as she prefers her precious Teddy Bear who sleeps with her every night and lights up (its one of those glo e bears) which she got for her 3rd birthday and she has loved since first sight so I may get this wee darling yet lol….I cant help it….I have a real soft spot for cute wee teddies.

Exciting news today, my brother in Aussie rung this morning and wants us to go to Aussie for Christmas. Cant wait!!! he was suppose to come home but his kids are all working over Christmas so he’s going to come home in March instead and is shouting Mum, Dad and Steve over but I get to pay for me and Katie, how mean is that??? lol. He had to pay for Steve because he promised him a trip over for his 17th so he could celebrate with his cousin who is 2 weeks older. So they will be celebrating late, since their birthdays are in May and June lol.

Anyway that’s me for the night, I had a very long night last night with Katie so I am going to have an early night.


V xx


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