a mystery

Andrea at SBO is up to something…a challenge? a competition? not sure but check out this thread on the forum http://scrapbookoutletnz.co.nz/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2720  I cant wait to find out more myself, roll on Friday. 

I went to Spotlight yesterday, just to pick up a new blade for my cutter and they had a huge pile of PP on sale, HALF PRICE! wow I thought to myself, I will just have a quick peek, there was Basic Grey, Kaisercraft, American Craft and heaps more so of course a peek turned into a buy though I did restrain myself and didn’t get a huge pile, only half a dozen, aren’t I good? I have just been through my PP stash and sold a whole lot on trademe so my stash is looking a little sad but I figure anything thats more than a year old will never get used so out it went. I also picked up a few other little bits and bobs, as you do, some bling and such like. Not that I can get into my scraproom at the moment, Steven took it over with his xbox so he could hook up to the modem and play xbox live (and eat all my bandwidth!!!!!! GRrrrrrr I had to buy more right at the end of my billing period) and now his xbox and tv take up half the room and the rest is taken up with a pile of games and other such junk. Tonight when he gets home from school he gets to clean the whole lot up and give me my sanity space back….I NEED IT! Even if I just go in there to sit and stare into space for a while I find it relaxing to be away from everyone and just breath. Everyone needs at least one little space where they can sit and chill out.

And after the weekend I just had I need to have some time out. My big brother Geoff came for the weekend. I love him dearly but man he is hard work, so overly sensitive you have to watch everything you say around him and he insists on talking Maori all the time even though he knows I can’t understand most of what he says. talk about drive me nuts!!! You cant pick your relations I suppose. I so cannot work out how anyone in my family can be completely devoid of a sense of humour, the rest of us are as nutty as fruit cakes lol…

I found the perfect way to teach your teenager not to leave their cellphone in their pockets when they throw their pants into the washing machine, make them buy their own cellphones lol….Steve washed his new cellphone that he got for Christmas (I might add that it was flasher than my own one) and had to use his hard earned money to buy himself a new one on Friday, I wonder how long this one will last. bet it lasts longer than the last 2 have. Its amazing how much more they appreciate something when they have to pay for it themselves isn’t it. And talking of Steve, time I went to pick him up from the bus…geeezzz I am such a nice mother, I had to walk for 2 k’s after I got off the bus when I was his age. Maybe I should make him walk…..hahahahaha yea right!!

anyway check out the SBO forum and see what Andrea is up to this time.


V xx


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