End Times–Shane Carrow


New Year’s Day: midsummer in Australia. In Perth, twin brothers Aaron and Matt have graduated high school and are enjoying their last few months of summer holidays before adulthood – while on the other side of the country, something has fallen from the sky, heralding the dawn of a new age.
As a terrifying plague spreads across Australia and the world, Aaron and Matt find themselves scrambling to survive, fleeing the city, refugees in their own country. Tormented by strange dreams and beset by violence, they must struggle to find the remnants of their family and survive the Rise of the Undead. (taken from Amazon.com.au)

Zombies come to Australia and no-one is safe. Aaron and Matt are enjoying their last summer of freedom, trying their best to keep adulthood at bay for a few more months, but when something falls from the sky on the other side of the red continent, bringing with it a mysterious virus that quickly spreads to all corners of the country, the boys are forced to grow up and find a way to survive and escape suburban Perth and find their father who was caring for their dying grandmother when the virus hits.

The first two books follow the boys as they go from disaster to tragedy to near death experiences. They meet some good people and some very bad people on their journey as they struggle through a rapidly declining civilization. They fight through hoards of undead, escape death by the skin of their teeth more than most people would be able to, all the while managing to stay together and keep each other sane.

The third book starts toward a path that is more supernatural than zompoc, though the undead do feature they are not the only stars of the show. Aaron and Matt have been having the same dream for awhile now, and while Aaron believes they need to follow where the dreams lead them, Matt wants nothing to do with them and tries to pretend its all in Aaron’s head. But before long fate puts them on the path they can’t avoid, the path to the Snowy Mountains and something hidden in the deep snow filled valleys. Something needs the two young men…

And unfortunately that is where I ran out of book, I hate that, don’t you? You get so engrossed in this bizarre twist and hello…end of book and the next in the series has not been released yet. The third book Blood and Salt was released just last week, so looks like it is going to be a bit of a wait to read the next one in this six part series. I am so not good at waiting!

Blood and Salt left a big cliff hanger as to what is going to happen to our wayward Ozzie brothers but I have a few ideas that I will keep under my Aukbra for now. Oh and lucky for us, there is a dictionary in the back of the books to translate Aussie into English, though I did get most of the obscure words, after a few trips over the ditch to visit my big brother and his band of Mossies (Maori Aussies, Maori kids that have grown up in Australia) After more than a decade living in New South Wales my nieces and nephews are more Australian than they are Kiwi now and they have taught me the language quite well. I still can’t stand the beer though lol.

Great summer reading if your living in the Northern Hemisphere and are hitting the beach or for curling up by the fire if your a southerner like me.


Happy Reading where ever in the world you maybe.


2 thoughts on “End Times–Shane Carrow

  1. Shane Carrow says:

    Thanks for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it – and glad you’re enjoying the series. Just so you know, I am aiming to get all six books released before 2018… I’ve been known to break deadlines before but hopefully it won’t be too far into early 2018 at the very latest!

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