Divided–R L Blalock

Back in February I reviewed the first book in the first book in the Death and Decay series Devoured as well as the prequel The Darkest Days. Divided, the second book in the series by the very talented writer R L Blalock will be released tomorrow and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy last week and I can tell you now, this is not a book you want to miss.

Divided is written from Olivia’s husband, Colin’s viewpoint and tells of his desperate bid to find his wife and child as the world falls apart and the undead rise. When he receives a terrified phone call from Olivia as she is fleeing from the bridge at the beginning of book one, Colin isn’t sure if he should believe her or not. That is until he steps outside the shop where he works and witnesses the chaos firsthand.

He flees with his workmates and a woman they rescue from her undead boyfriend and tries to get to Olivia. But there is a river between them and all the bridges are blocked by abandoned cars and zombies. They decide the best course of action is to get out of the city, they meet up with Colin’s  cousin, Samuel, and they all escape together to look for a place where they can get across the river and find Olivia and baby Elli.

Along their journey they meet other survivors, some friendly and so decidedly unfriendly. They find a safe haven but Colin still burns to find his family, he stays as long as he can to help the survivors but when he goes to leave he is confronted by members of the group who don’t think he should leave and that he and the small team he is taking with him, are far to important to be allowed to just go their own way. And that is when the serious division happens.

I won’t say any more, just be prepared for a zombie novel like no other. There is the normal fight for survival but there is so much more to this story, a lot of unexpected twist and turns and some very real scenes, the author does not gloss over the consequences of actions that the survivors take and as Colin slips further and further from the person he once was, as he does things he never dreamed he would, he starts to loses himself, the only direction he can take is the one that takes him back to his family and as close to normal as this terrible new world will allow.

And to top it all off a new big bad arises that will need to be dealt with in book 3, which I can’t wait to read. I have said it before but I will say it again, Don’t miss this series, its original and exciting and terrifying all at once. With each book it just gets better and better. So head to Amazon tomorrow, the 15th May (which is today here in NZ, very confusing lol) and pick up a copy of Divided by R L Blalock, devour the book and don’t forget to leave a review. Good authors deserve good reviews and R L Blalock is awesome!


Happy Reading


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