Scouts of the Apocalypse–Michell Plested


Being a Scout is more than just helping old ladies cross the road. Scouts have a responsibility to their communities and the greater world around them. Part of that responsibility is training and being prepared for disasters. When a Scout troop comes home from a weekend of survival training in the deep woods, they find that nothing about the world they left is the same. Shambling hordes of undead wander the countryside killing anything that lives. Can the Scouts survive the trip home and is there even a home to return to? It will take all of their training and smarts to overcome this disaster. (taken from Goodreads)

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this book, I mean really Scouts against the walking dead, it seemed a bit silly, and then I started reading it. I am glad I did, the storyline is believable (if, like me, you believe the zompoc could happen.), the characters are well written with solid growth arcs and the author has obviously drawn on his vast knowledge of scouting to write such a precise novel. There is so much more to the modern scout than I ever knew, when the shtf I definitely want a scout by my side, well a scout and Daryl Dixon lol

The scouts show solid leadership and survival skills but where no means perfect. I particularly liked how he didn’t make Scouter Mike to be all knowing and unflappable, so many novels fall down with their main characters being too good to be true, making them unrealistic, everyone has a breaking point and the author wasn’t afraid to show that, also the teens in his care where just that, teens, scared, confused, worried about their loved ones, while at the same time attempting to be brave and to live up to the code of the Scouts.

Unlike many books where the adults are idiots or the kids need to be protected, the players in this tale work together to survive and to save others. which was a refreshing change. Though the boys looked to the adults for guidance, they were more than capable of thinking for themselves and watch each others backs.

I am very impressed with Michell Plested, taking the stories he told his scout troop around the fireside and turning them into a very well crafted novel can’t have been easy but he has come out with an amazing and original story of survival in the zombie apocalypse.

I nearly didn’t read this book, I didn’t have high expectations of a novel called Scouts of the Apocalypse, to be truthful I expected another stupid spoof novel which I hate, but after reading a few reviews I decided to take a look and I am glad I did.


Just a note, I have so many books waiting for review at the moment (18 at last count, and their just the ones on my read list, I don’t even want to know how many on my TBR list.) if you have sent me a book and are waiting for me to review, I am sorry for the delay.  I try to keep up but because of my health issues I can’t always get to the computer and write up reviews as quickly as I would like. I am desperately saving for a laptop so even when I am forced to spend days in bed I can still keep up with both my own writing and review requests as well. I love to receive new books to review but please be patient with me. I try to get reviews on to Amazon as quickly as possible but its harder to type up a full review on my tiny wee tablet lol.


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