Broken Beloved – N.M. Howell


Broken Beloved: An Immortal Nights Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel by N M Howell

They took everything from her. She’d give it all again to keep him safe.
Anna sacrificed everything to save her brother’s life. She endured endless torture. She killed. Now she wants to close her eyes and sleep forever.
Only she can’t. She’s a vampire.
There’s only one person in the world who can save her, but she’s too consumed by pain to see it.
He knows, eventually, he’ll succeed.
One day, he’ll set her free. (taken from Amazon)

Released today, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC from the author of this brand new vampire series. Its not a long book but very well written. Young Anna is turned against her will when a rogue vampire coven causes the death of her parents in a car crash, leaving her badly injured but her three year old brother escapes unscathed. The vampire coven uses him to control her, afflicting all number of atrocities on her over the space of 15 years. When she final escapes with her brother she finds a home for him amongst a pack of lycan and finds safety among her own kind in an underground vampire city. There she meets Wern, her immortal beloved, her soul mate.

But the past haunts her, trapping her in a deep depression. Wren fights to set her free of the past but he can’t break through the wall she has built around her. Their love could be over before it has a chance to start.

my thoughts,

A very enjoyable narrative but for a few small things I had issues with, it would have been better for the novel to start while she was going through the 15 years of torment by the rogue coven and to explain how she escapes instead of starting at her escaping. There are flashbacks but they don’t give enough information to get the full picture which would make the story richer.

When reading the original ARC of this novel there was an explicit sex scene which I am glad to say the author has chosen to take out. It was not exactly YA suitable. There is a certain amount of swearing but to me that is not a big deal.

Beyond those few issues I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to the rest of the series. Its good to read a vampire novel from a different point of view for a change, it gets a bit boring when the vampires are always the bad guys or the irresistible pretty boy attracting the sweet innocent human girl. This series looks to be a breath of fresh air in the vampire genre. The characters are believable and have a realistic arc, although a supernatural story it deals with some very human issues and does it well.

I will be reading more of N.M.Howell’s work and if it is all up to this standard it will be reading time well spent.


Happy Reading


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