2 for the price of 1

I have two books to review today, both from the same series so I thought it would be easier to do them together.

The Darkest Days – Death and Decay book 0.5 – R L Blalock

This is the prequel to the Death and Decay series and tells the origin story of Officer Wyatt Ward, a police officer just trying to do his job when all hell breaks out around him. He tries to protect people as he has been trained to do but he was never trained to fight the feral creatures he is up against now, the former residence of Cottleville, St Louis. He doesn’t know what has happened, he just knows he wants to get home to his wife and young son. It would take a few days and a lot of deaths to return to those he loves and when he finally gets there he finds out his life will never be the same again.

The research done on this novel has been amazing, the author has obviously worked hard to understand the point of view of a real police officer on the front line, of how they think and what they feel. And all the hard work she has put into research shows in the narrative.

The character growth of Wyatt and his story arc are so well written you can almost feel like you’re right there with him, feeling what he feels and just trying to do his best to look after those he swore to protect. The fact that he still needs to help people at the end of the narrative is amazing, more than wanted to, he needed to help.

Reading this short narrative before going into the first full book gave me a great insight to what Olivia was facing and how hard living at the end of it all would really be. The author has caught the pain, grief and share resilience of the human race, she hasn’t shied away from the gore but she has put it in context, not just killing for killing sake like so many other books I have read.

Devour – Death and Decay book 1 – R L Blalock

This book covers Olivia’s journey with her baby, 18 month old Elli, from Chesterfield, St Louis to the sanctuary of a farm belonging to friends just outside the suburb of Troy. It was only a journey of 36 miles, at any other time it was a mere half hour drive but that world had just died, leaving her stranded on the Boone bridge with a small child, facing a horde of flesh eating, feral, former people. She did the only thing a mother could do, she runs. Along the way she meets some very brave people and some not so brave. Each step is full of fear and grueling torment.

I love this book, the only thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no more in the series yet. I hate waiting! lol. The author has written a very realistic portrayal of a young mother pushed beyond  limit of her endurance to save her baby. The fear, the grief, the amazing heroism shown by Olivia makes for an exciting read. It was worth a night of very little sleep to get it finished. I had to know if she and the baby make it to safety. 


These are two books to add to your reading list. I can’t wait to read the rest when they are released, nd once I have, I will be back to update this post. Sorry they are short reviews but I have been up since 4.30am with a sick daughter. It’s now 10pm and my bed is calling…rather loudly Smile

Happy reading everyone, have an awesome weekend.


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