Planner week 4

I know, I’m 2 says late but I have a good excuse, I’ve been sick…again sigh. I am lying on my bed, trying to not move, moving hurts. I can move my fingers, for a change they don’t hurt to much.

I did manage to get this weeks planner layout done on Saturday only to wake up on sunday feeling like I had been hit by a bus. 

So without futher ado, here it is.

This weeks stickers are from Bling Bling Planner, honestly some of the prettiest stickers I have come across.

I add some quote stickers from the new Rosies Studio sticker book I got the other day from The Warehouse. I also picked up the adorable jandle (thats flip flops to the rest of the world) paperclips. I included  3 different washi tapes, well really the top one is Tim Holtz tissue tape, I have added more since I took the photo, narrow gold down each side. And the finally the wee girl at the bottow, shes a magnetic book mark I got off EBay. I just love her.

So all my plans for this week have gone down the drain, replaced with doctors appointments and painkillers. Oh the joys of auto immune dieases. Think positive thoughts for me, at least I will get a bit of reading done. 



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