Chosen–Christine Pope

The first book of The Djinn Wars series. Chosen follows the story of Jessica Monroe, who sees her family die in moments when the Heat, a mysterious virus sweeps across the world, killing 98% of the population in just a few days. As her family turns to dust, a voice in Jessica’s head assures her that she will be alright. Sad and confused, Jessica follows the instructions the voice gives her and finds a safe haven high in the New Mexico foothills. At first she is alone, the voice is still there and she finally feels safe, then Jase appears at the gate. The voice assures her that handsome Native American man is ok, that she can let him in.

The two start to build a life for themselves, working together to make the homestead a real home. They don’t find any other survivors but see signs of them around the small town at the bottom of the foothills. Everything has gone so well, Jessica finally opens up to Jase and the two fall in love. But everything changes when she finds out what Jase really is and is then kidnapped.

Apart from bodies turning to dust, this book seems much like any other end of the world novel, except for the mysterious voice. It makes you feel like everything is going to be fine, until it isn’t. When things go wrong they do it quickly and keep you guessing about what’s going to happen next and who is going to save them. Who are the Djinn and why did they do what they did? And why was Jessica chosen to stay alive when everyone else died.

Great summer reading, not to heavy but enough twists to make it interesting and keep you reading. A great start off to the series, I am book two now, will add my thoughts to this review when I have finished it.



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