January Week Two Planner layout


This weeks planner layout, already to go.

  • I used stickers from Victoria Thatcher called Mahalo Beaches. Victoria has some of the nicest free planner stickers I have come across.
  • The bottom stickers I  made myself from images I got off the internet. I don’t like the standard quote stickers you get everywhere so I found some quotes I liked and made stickers out of them, cutting them with my silhouette, I would share it but I forgot to save it because I had dumb as my daughter likes to say.
  • The quotes say – When something goes wrong in your life, just yell “Plot twist!” and move on  and Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that  make your weird little heart happy.  very suitable for me.
  • The sidebar is from the MAMBI website which has a number of nice printouts.
  • I finished off with some of the washi tape from my constantly growing collection. I have issues when it comes to washi tape, I love it and can’t resist buying it. I buy most of mine from Ebay. I can pick it up there for as little as 10cents, it helps that I am an Ebay junkie and refuse to pay NZ prices which goes for about $5 nzd a roll.
  • I will finish the layout by adding in my appointments and to do’s for the week with a few funky colored pens. I have a huge variety of pens but mostly used Sharpie fine tips, Inkjoy and gel pens. I like to use lots of color.
  • I will probably add more small stickers too, just to emphasize anything I write or, more often that not, because I like them lol.

I will be back later in the week with another book review and also a book haul, since I am a kindle user there will be no physical books but I have taken advantage of the New Year sales at Amazon and Amazon Australia and brought a few books I really needed, well ok, wanted. Also I will have a list of sites I subscribe to that send you out free book alerts. Amazon has thousands of free books if you know where to look and a lot of authors will give books away to get reviews and help with future sales. But I will go into that later in the week.

Right now its summer school holidays so I am fighting for computer time with my gamer daughter. Apparently by not letting her on the computer for 10 hours a day I am depriving her and ruining her life. She’s just turned 11, and letting out her inner drama queen…ALOT.  Needless to say there has been a few small arguments lately. She has a very high IQ but she is also on the spectrum (mildly autistic) and very stubborn, so our arguments normally end up in a battle of wits. But I am older, even more stubborn and have already brought up two kids who tried to out wit me, and I have learnt a lot since then.  I have also learnt the easiest way to win the argument is the good old mother standby, Because I said. It worked with her two big brothers, it works with her. Parenthood is such fun isn’t it?

Right that’s me for the night, I will see all you lovely people later in the week.


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