Things are changing

I know, two posts in two days…scary! I was looking at my blog and thinking, its time to change things up a bit. I have changed a lot in the last year or so and I think, finally excepted that this is who I am now, my old life pre Rheumatoid and Fibro isn’t coming back so its time to take charge of my life and learn to guide it in the direction I want to go instead of just floating from one health disaster to another with nothing in between. This isn’t an easy process, its going to take baby steps but for the first time in years I have decided I am worth it. worth everything I want.

So in the sprite of change, I am changing things right here. My blog is getting a make-over to fit in with my mental make-over. For a number of years I was writing two blogs, this one and a post apocalyptic book review site. I have decided to quit trying to keep up with both and simply combined it into one. I am working on that now, I will add a page for the book reviews and another for my own book (with sneak peeks for anyone interested) and another one for my creativity, planners, scrapbooking and all the other crafty things I love to do. This is all to come, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my new look blog be. But hopefully it will be exciting and interesting enough to attract a wide variety of readers.

Now its getting late so I just want to do a quick share, I received this months Planner Kit from Studio Calico today and I was going to make an unboxing video but it was so hot here today and I went to town with my parents (never the smartest move.) and by the time we stopped for lunch (ok it was at my very fav place here in Motueka, called Toad Hall, they have ice chocolates to die for.) ok getting off track. By the time I got home I was so exhausted that I just collapsed and caught up on some Netflix for a bit before daughter got home from her after  school play date. (my daughter is on the spectrum and social situations, well lets just say its hard for her and for her to have a friend is Huge!)

Ok what was I saying, oh Studio Calico…hhhmmm well…like I said yesterday, by the time you convert it from USD to NZD it’s $37 or there abouts, that’s a lot of money to spend on something less than inspiring…but you be the judge. I took some photos.


photo 1: it comes in the brown heavy duty cardboard envelope, packed neatly into a sweet wee zip up case.


photo 2: this is everything that is in the envelope


photo 3: there are four packs of stickers in glassine bags, each set has two pages which isn’t to bad but they are all velum stickers and won’t fit into my Happy Planner without cutting down. they are good quality stickers though.


photo 4: this is the pen which is cute but I have seen them at the $2 shop.


photo 5: there is this wee dashboard which I love, its to small for my HP but I will use it somehow cos its adorable! it has a Shakespeare quote that reads, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” so fitting for me right now.


Photo 6: 1 roll of Washi tape, it has pale blue banners on it and I can see me getting a lot of use out of it. A bag with 15 diecuts, very cute, I particularly like the coffee cup one. I can definitely use these. Finally two pads of round post it type notes, kind of cute and you can never have to many post it notes right?

What are your thoughts on the kit, would you buy it? I think the thing I have loved most about it is I get happy mail each month lol. Love to hear your views.

Its finally starting to cool off here so I think I will head to bed, I have a new book to read and shock, horror, its not a zombie book, its a sci fi romance lol. No chick lit for this girl. Good night all xxx


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