Yes I am still around. I have just been uber busy studying and writing that I kept forgetting to make time to blog. well now I have finished studying, yah me, a diploma in Applied Writing completed. I was going to go on and do an advanced diploma and I did start it but I got seriously sick and couldn’t complete it. I did think about going back next year but decided I had studied enough and really just wanted to get stuck in and get some writing done. Its slow going since I am constantly fighting with my health, but my novel is starting to take shape. I can’t see me finishing it this year or if I will ever be able to find a publisher but if all else fails I will publish it myself or put it up on just to release it out to the world and maybe get some readers.


that isn’t why I am blogging today. Today I want to share my new passion, PLANNERS… while studying I found the necessity of carefully planning your time and while trying to find a way to do this that was…, I discovered this whole subculture of of creative planner people out there and, well, its just so addictive. I spent hours online finding planner pages and stickers to print, went on Etsy and brought a few more printable stickers and set up a ring binder as my planner. that worked ok. I signed up for Studio Calico’s monthly planner kits which is kind of expensive at about $36 nzd including post, isn’t to bad, it has a lot of stickers and other bits like stamps and pens, each kit is different but I don’t think its worth the money. I will do an unbox when the November kit arrives, its due any day. Chances are I will cancel it this month. There are a lot of subscription boxes for planners out there so will see if I can find one that’s cheaper. I did play with the idea of starting my own planner subscription, let me know in the comments if that was something you might be interested in.

HelloLife-1This morning our lovely courier dropped off something I have been waiting for, for what seems like months. I ordered a Happy Planner from Blitsy 3 weeks ago. After watching numerous YouTube videos and doing so much research, I decided that the Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas would be the right one for me. It allows plenty of room for creativity and for keeping track of the essentials, in my case my fav tv shows, daily word count, keeping track of how much I have written and health tracker as well as appointments, school stuff…well you get the idea.

I am into anything that allows me to express myself creatively and is functional at the same time. I sort of went off scrapbooking while I was studying and while its still one of my favorite creative outlets I don’t spend nearly as much time on it as I use to. I needed another outlet and something I could use all this crafty stuff I have all over the place. 

I did try to find a Happy Planner here in New Zealand, I would rather support our local businesses, but they were hard to find and the ones I did find where so expensive. I brought this one for about $38 nzd including post compared to $59 before post from one of the NZ online scrapbook stores I looked at.

I didn’t buy any of the numerous accessories available but now wished I had because some of them look so cool. Blitsy has a big Black Friday Cyber Sleep Over party/sale going on this Friday, (Saturday our time) so I might see what specials they have.

anyway that’s it from me ladies and gents. please feel free to make a comment and share your thoughts. Would love to hear from any kiwi planner junkies so drop me a line.


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