Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a safe and happy night last night and are not suffering from over indulgent today lol. I spent a very quiet night cuddled up with a couple of good movies and a box of chocolates and some pain killers lol. Yip a typical holiday period for me, a lot of peace and a lot of pain. RA does not react well with all the rich food and stress the silly season brings and I have been suffering since mid December.

And that is one of the reasons no one has heard from me, that and the fact that my laptop died at the end of November and I haven’t replaced it yet so have been jumping on one of other 2 laptops in the house that belong to my parents (yes being a geek is hereditary) when they aren’t in use which isn’t that often. That and I have been enjoying just spending time with Katie and Steve, who got home from Uni in early November for the summer. Though Katie got Minecraft for Christmas and we are having to drag her off the laptop kicking and screaming ever since it was installed on Mum’s computer. Steve and I have been building her a new desktop but haven’t got every far with it. Its a work in progress.

I haven’t spent much time scrapbooking, I made Jodi (eldest son) a mini book for Christmas so he can keep a journal of all his tattoo’s. He has been asking for one for a while now and I couldn’t think what else to get him. it was all steampunky and totally his style and typical me, I forgot to take photos before I gave it to him lol.

My plans are to get a new laptop in the next week or so and then I can share a few other projects I have been done earlier in November and the one layout I have done this month. its been a pretty dry crafting time lately, crafting  and pain don’t go well together and I have been a bit depressed as well which doesn’t help the whole creative process.

anyways I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2015 full of creativity and fun.


V xxx


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