It was never going to be normal was it?

So I wanted to take some nice, normal, family photo since, for the first time in 4 years, my kids are all home at the same time and it has been a very very long time since I had a nice photo of all of us together (long being the day Katie was born, Dec. 22nd 2005) and also Mum has been asking for years for a family photo for her walk of shame down the hallway lol

So I didn’t think it was a big ask, a quick trip down to the lovely park down the road, a few quick shots and home again. I forgot to factor in 2 things, one, Katie had been to a school disco the night before and was tired and grouchy, and two, when Katie is tired and grouchy don’t even attempt to convince her to follow instructions, because the more you ask the worse she gets.

Need I say how it went? The words battlefield and temper tantrums come to mind. I got Jodi’s new girlfriend to take the photos and some how, she managed to get some good ones. but the thought of a nice normal family photo??? yea that was never going to happen. These are my favourites…
























So yes there is no nice normal photos for my family but at least we do have photos. And maybe next week at Katie’s 8th birthday I can give it another go and she will actually co-operate…yea I know, not going to happen…but its worth a shot right?  And Caroline did manage to get to so awesome shots of my boys that aren’t boys any more, shots of them being fools too lol, that only happens…oh every time they are together. and Yes in case your wondering, Jodi maybe part monkey but we cant prove it so we just let him climb things and swing off things whenever he feels the need, which is always.










So there you go, my little family…their all a bit crazy but with me for a mother…what chance did they have?

Oh and the bridge we are standing on…it has a story…years ago, about 7 now, when we first moved to Wakefield, I took a lovely photo of my 3 kids on that bridge…my plan for these photos was to re-enacted that photo to show how much they had grown…didn’t happen but maybe one day.

Merry Christmas one and all…and sorry for the photo heavy post.


V xxx


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