Entry for Scrappin Patch sketch challenge and other stuff

Its been a busy few weeks, getting everything organised to go away, sick kids, sick me, dress shopping for the wedding and taking my son to buy his very first suit which I will share photos of soon but right now here is my entry for the September Scrappin Patch sketch challenge. Last month I was lucky enough to be chosen to pick the sketch but this month I couldn’t wait to give the new sketch a go, I finished late last week and forgot to take a photo until yesterday. Thought I better get it up and entered before I forgot lol, I have a habit of doing that lately. Here is the sketch from the lovely Janet…

And here is my take on it…with gorguss photos of Katie at 18 months with her stash of toothbrushes


She had trouble pronouncing teeth back then and it always came out teef lol. I used kraft cardstock, some of my Sassyfras Lass hoarded papers, from the Nerdy Bird collection I think, the orange picks up the colour in her dress and I just love the wee blue bird, some American crafts flair, some Cosmo cricket and sassyfras stickers (Katie picked the turtle) some thickers, the ones that let you add glitter, and a bird paperclip that I picked up at a shop called Japan Mart that has just opened up in Richmond and is already set to become one of my favourite shops. I hand stitched along the boarder papers with twine and embroidery thread to give them some dimension and then called it done.

I just love the Sassafras papers and I am going to miss my stash when it finally runs out. They always managed to come out with something that was different from all the other companies out there.

The wee blue bird reminds me of Katie, like that wee bird, she sticks out from the norm, stands out in the crowd and is uniquely different (one of her teachers told me that Katie was a very unique little girl, and she didn’t mean that in a good way I could tell, I think the teachers get a little unsettled because she is not fitting into their idea of what a 7 year old girl should be, because she has grown up surrounded by mostly adults she has learnt to talk like an adult and even think like one, which makes it hard for her to relate to children her own age but she tries, she just doesn’t follow the crowd. She is not matching the required demographic of her age group, apparently all school children must be alike. Of course my daughter is unique, she comes from a family of very unique people and I wouldn’t want her any other way and I wont let the school try and program her into not being able to think for herself just so she fits into their little box).

IMG_0358Now on the subject of my amazing family, my very unique son Steve brought his very first suit on Friday. And doesn’t he look fabulous? and yes that thing in his hand is a sonic screwdriver. He is a huge Doctor Who fan just like me and I have no doubt he will be taking the sonic screwdriver to the wedding tucked into his inner pocket. He picked the suit because it was the closest one he could find to David Tennant’s Doctor Who outfit lol. But it looks so natural on him, like he was born to wear it.

I just have to say, I love shopping with Steve, he picked the suit, tried it on, and brought it all in less that half an hour! sometimes, man shopping is just awesome! lol. All he has to do now is get some shoes lol, I suspect he will insist on wearing his leather Chuck Tailors ahla David Tennant. He even has the brainy specs, a recent addition but very much needed. And once again, they suit him and make him look even more intelligent than he already is…anyways allons-y! as the good doctor would say.

And its time for me to sign off and get a few things done before bedtime. have a great night one and all.


V xxx


3 thoughts on “Entry for Scrappin Patch sketch challenge and other stuff

  1. Heather Landry says:

    Your blog is so pretty and I just love the page you made. I’m with you, shopping with boys is a lot easier! My girls take hours and my son says… whatever Mom. I just want jeans. LOL

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