My Bags are packed I’m ready to go…


well not quite packed  but the plane tickets are booked, the hotel is booked and the passports have arrived and I even have a dress for the wedding.

We are off to my nephews wedding in NSW in exactly 2 weeks. I wasn’t sure if I would be going but after some serious financial juggling and some great plane ticket specials, thank you China Airlines, I managed to swing it and now I am so excited. Its going to be a wonderful event, in a very up market vineyard in the Hunter Valley, its all very posh.

Yesterday Mum and I went dress shopping, yes me in a dress…that just never happens, well not a dressy dress anyways, I have a couple of maxi dresses I wear in summer but that’s the extend of my dress wardrobe. I brought a pretty white halter neck dress with pink and red flowers scattered here and there and I love it, after thinking I would never find anything to fit me or that I liked. I may have dropped 20kg in the last 6 months but I still have a long way to go to get back to my pre steroid days of 77 kg, how I miss those days where even on a fat day I only went up to a kg or so. Right now I would be happy to hit the 85 kg mark but that’s not happening any day soon.

Anyways back to subject. I still need to get some shoes, I hate shoe shopping, and the right foundation garments as Gok calls them, Love Gok! and I also have to go shopping for a dress for Katie, oh the joys of having a 7 year old that is in a size 14, I haven’t been able to find a thing locally that is suitable for her age, once you get over a size 12 clothes start getting unsuitable if you know what I mean. but I will go shopping when we get to Sydney, I’m sure I will find something.

I have spent the last 6 weeks working on their album and have nearly finished, I want it to be perfect. I am very pleased with it so far and I just hope they love it.

The stress of organising everything and everybody has not done much for my health and I am back on the walking stick again but now everything is organised I can relax a bit and hopefully get back on my own two feet with out the stick before we leave.

Anyway off to finish the housework and then put the finishing touches on the wedding album. I will take a few photos when I am finished and you can let me know what you think.


V xxx

PS opps made a booboo, I was just reading another blog post I made back in June and I said the wedding was in November but its actually the first weekend of October, it was going to be in November but they changed their minds and decided it was to close to Christmas for everyone and would be to hot over there by then.


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