Wedding Album

In November my nephew Tyler is marrying his long time love Erin. He is the first of his generation of our family to get married and I have offered to make their wedding album. Erin is sending me the colours and theme of the wedding (they live in Australia and getting married there) but my problem is, I have never done a wedding album before and could use a little advise.

I plan to make most of it before we go over in November and finish it after the wedding so I can add all the photos while we are still in Australia but I am not sure what size to use or how to get started. If you have done a wedding album could you perhaps give me a little advice and a bit of direction.

I need to get it just right because I have 2 more to do in the next year with 2 more of my nephews getting married. Wedding fever is in the air in our family lately, both my eldest nephew and his younger brother proposed over Christmas to their long term girlfriends. Just when I start to think that wedding are going out of fashion too lol. So glad that they are all finally tying the knot, seems like neither of my boys are ever going to take that leap, they are both single these days and happily so which is fine with me, as long as they are happy but looks like I will never get to be mother of the groom lol. Maybe I will just wait until Katie grows up and finds her mr right.

anyway any ideas or even web sites you can suggest would be great, I think the theme is vintage which is going to be a challenge since its not my style but isnt that what crafting is about, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things?

well happy Tuesday one and all.


V xxx


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