Blitsy has really great deals going at the moment so I thought I’d do a wee push and see if I can get a few people signed up. For every person you get to sign up you get $10 credited to your account Smile so click the link and help me get some credit going on and get yourself some deals Smile

I have got a couple of orders from them now and its about the same price in postage as it is to send something around New Zealand and because the kiwi dollar is so strong it makes it really cheap to buy from them at the moment. Well worth a virtual trip to America don’t you think? Not to mention that some of the stuff they have we cant get here very easily.

Ok that’s my spiel, what is everyone else up to today? I just got back from the hospital after seeing the gynaecologist and being booked in to get more tests and a camera in places no  camera should go. oh the indignities of being a woman huh?

now I am happily back on the couch still trying to get over this flare up.

anyway I gonna go spend a little time with my grand baby.


V xxx


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