What’s in a name?

Challenge number 47 at Challenge me Happy is to scrap about a name and instantly I knew exactly what I was going to do. What i didn’t realise was how hard it would be to find the photo I need most of all. I had to rummage through Mum’s many boxes just to find this one photo of my Gran. I finally found one in my uncles photo album which dates back to the Korean war. I just love digging into Mum’s family history, Dad’s family is pretty well documented but Mum’s is mostly  a mystery.

Anyway I have been playing around with the idea of this layout for a while. There are 4 people in my family named for my Gran. I was the first, then my niece Tayla-May, then my daughter Katarina Gypsy May and finally my wee granddaughter Lily-May. It has become a bit of a family tradition.

IMG_0025 (2)I used My Minds Eye – Lost and Found pp, a variety of sticker tags, mulberry flowers,  Queen & co. Twinkle Motifs, lots and lots of mini alphas and my silhouette and some scraps of pp. a little bit of ribbon and 3 wee rhinestone hearts i brought off EBay and a tag for journaling. And I am so happy with how it came out. I decided instead of having photos of the kids how they are now I would pick photos when they were all roughly the same age, so in this layout I am about 4, Tayla-May, who is now 18, is about 2, Katie is 5 and Lily is 2. And it wasn’t until I put the bottom 3 photos together that I realised how much alike the 3 girls where. You can so tell they are related!

IMG_0021In other news, this gorguss young man turns 21 tomorrow….my baby boy is all growed up Sad smile its hard to believe that its been 21 years since I was living in Dunedin2013-05-19 18.29.58 and thinking that he would never be born, he was 2 weeks late and I was so over being pregnant and looked like I was having twins. I went into labour at 5am and had him 14 hours later, the longest labour of any of my 3 kids (Jodi was 3 1/2 hours and Katie was 2 1/2 hours) 

he is sweet and funny and loving and the best brother and uncle anyone could have. I couldn’t ask for a better son and I am so glad he is home from Australia in time for his 21st. We are not going all out crazy, just a family bbq on Sunday to celebrate his 21st and Lily’s 3rd birthday. I think the days of big 21st birthday parties is pretty much over.

btw the photo, he was trying on his sisters onesies, of course they were a little on the small side for some reason lol…he has a crazy sense of humour and would do anything for his baby sister or his niece. every since he was a tiny thing little girls have loved him but no one more than Katie and Lily.  Him and Jodi have always been the best of friends, they have such a strong bond that there is no getting between them.

So happy birthday my baby, I wish for you a life full of happiness and wonder. Keep questioning everything and learning everything you can, just like you always have. I love you more than words my darling son!


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