Castles in the clouds

Today I spent most of the afternoon making an alter canvas I have had in the planning stages for a few days. I think its finished but I am not to sure yet. have a look and tell me what you think…I would really love some feedback on this one, its called “Castle in the clouds”  and I still feel its not completely finished.

camera 004

it was pretty much built around the castle which I brought as a necklace (way to heavy to wear but great for this project) I am not sure what it needs.

also I finished a another couple of layouts in the last few days that I want to share

camera 007

This one is called Fabulous and was done for the Purple Pumpkin April sketch challenge and this next one was for a challenge that I forgot to enter it in, mainly because I couldn’t remember which site I did it for. its called So Cool.

camera 009

my memory is becoming a real issue for me now, I am constantly forgetting things or getting appointment times muddled up and I never use to be like that, I have always been so organised. I know its the fibro but it doesn’t make it any easier to live with. its frustrating, especially since I am trying to find a job and preparing to retrain and I cant remember simple things. I was filling in a form yesterday and couldn’t remember how to spell my name.  It might sound funny but it is very frustrating, I use to make my living using 90% brain power and if  my brain is full of fibro fog how can I ever get back to that sort of work?

anyway that’s a moan for another day, chances are I will forget about it in 10 minute’s time anyways lol Yes I make jokes to lighten the stress….it helps me get through the days. I went to a pre-employment course run by Workstar yesterday, everyone there had some sort of disability, most with where, non-visible  diseases ,as I call them, things like RA, fibro and bi-pola, diabetes, deafness…and it was good to talk to other people in the same boat as myself.  Trying to cope with a major life changing disability, particular an invisible one, is hard and trying to find work in an able body world…that’s even harder. Workstar are brilliant, very caring and dedicated people but unfortunately not all potential employers will be the same and its something we need to learn to deal with and that’s what a good part of the course was about, learning to adapt in order to get a head in life. I came away feeling a lot better than i have in a while. I still feel I need to up skill before I take on a job, I don’t want to fail and let anyone down by not having the qualifications or skills I need because they got rusty and fell out of my foggy old brain.

oh man I am really ranting tonight….must be because I am tired…been looking after my darling phone 070wee fluffy headed granddaughter a lot of this week while her parents settle into their new jobs and racing after a 2 1/2 year old as well as a 7 year old is hard work! I forgot how easy it is just having one child to look after, especially if that one child is very independent like Katie is. Lily is a sweetheart and always behaves for me, but as soon as her Mum walks through that door, bye bye angel hello monster (and yes that is her nickname lol) you can almost see the demon tail and horns come out as Mum’s car pulls up the driveway lol…Don’t be fooled by the ringlets and sweet smile, this wee darling is anything but an angel lol…except when she is with Nanny, she is my little darling when Mum isn’t around. Thank heavens she starts day care next week, I don’t mind looking after her occasionally but all day is a bit much for this ol bod of mine can handle. Love her to bits though, and I love being Nanny at long last.

Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend, and hope its not to wet were you are.


V xxx


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