What a time we’ve had!

its been such a long month…Dad had his op and came out cancer clear but is still pretty sick…its going to be a long recovery for him and we have had a few backwards jumps, he got a bit of pneumonia while in the hospital and had trouble after they took the staples out of his stomach last week, his wound popped open a little and had to be re-stitched and put in a special corset thing to stop it happening again. He gets a little better every day, he’s having a little trouble remembering to rest, typical kiwi bloke, He doesn’t take being told to stay still easily lol.

my big brother Shane came over from Aussie for Dad’s op and stayed on for a few weeks to make sure he would behave lol…it was so good having Shane home, I don’t mind saying that he is my favourite brother, I don’t have to pretend when he is around, i can be myself. He doesn’t judge and expect anything from anyone. one of the most uncomplicated people I know. I was sad to see him go home on Saturday.

So life around here is slowly getting back to normal. Mum is tired and stressed from looking after Dad but my DIL Tracey has been a great help, she has been working as a caregiver in rest homes since she left school so knows what she is doing. She has started working in a rest home in Nelson but doesn’t start until 3pm so is home to help most of the day. Jodi isn’t working yet so he looks after Lily in the afternoons. its a good arrangement for now. They want their own place and Jodi is still looking for a bakers job so things will change again before much longer.

meantime I have done very little scrapbooking, I have to admit that the stress has got to me too, I have had flair ups and a lot of pain lately but keep it to myself and hide out in my wee lounge when it gets to much. I have learnt the best thing to do is pop some pain killers and park up on the couch with the laptop for a while. I can’t get in to see my specialist for ages he is so booked up that I will be lucky to see him this year at all,  so I just have to roll with it for a while and keep popping the painkillers which are getting less and less effective as so happens with me.

But…I did win a RAK for the layout I did for Scappin Patch last month which made me feel good, its the little things the make the day worth while, right?

And I sold 2 mini books on Trademe and made the cover of another one, which has plain white pages (I think it was one of the Glitz ones I got as a rak ages ago)phone 067

as well as another one I put together using Asian inspired Rosie’s Studio paper I picked up a while ago and forgot I had. The cover has been sitting in my stash for ages.


They are both listed on Trademe as well as some others that I made a while back and some things I brought off Ebay in bulk and am selling off the ones I don’t need. so please feel free to check me out on Trademe, my user name is vicky12. I will be adding more stuff when I get around to cleaning out the mess that is my scrapbook area at the moment.

thanks for visiting. nice to see you again Smile


V xxx



One thought on “What a time we’ve had!

  1. Brendy says:

    Glad to hear your Dads Op went well. I hear you on his struggle to take it easy, it all takes time. You have a brother Shane and I have a son Shane special guys with great names huh!!
    Remember to take care of yourself, the best you can. Congrats on the win from Sp, goodies to use in another project.. Off to check out your listings on Tm now. Hugs xx

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