Random things

I just read this on Hannah’s blog and thought it was a great idea so decided to do my own.

Watching :: Switched at Birth.

Eating :: Not, Drinking a cup of tea

Listening ::  Katie chatting to herself instead of going to sleep

Waiting :: For a chance to get into my scrapbook space to give it a good clean. It looks a bit like this at the moment, the photo I took on Monday and it still hasn’t been cleaned. The cup has been removed and that’s about it, I have added to the pile though…Yay me lol.

camera 011

Doing ::Lazing on the couch thinking I should be doing the above lol

Loving :: felling the summer evening flow through the door

 Planning :: To go to a pre employment course tomorrow. I plan to study this year, starting tomorrow I am making a plan of attack…I have put it off long enough

Buying :: buy school supplies tomorrow. I love buying school supplies I am just weird like that.

Wearing :: 3/4 jeans that are too long for me and a t-shirt that’s to big.

Reading :: The Omega Point, which I started last night after finishing Alice in Zombieland which was great but not sure about this new one. it isn’t grabbing me. So far this year I have read about 6 books. I am calling this my reading year. And I say again….I love my Kindle!!

and now…time for beddy byes for this ol girl…did I mention I turned 44 last week…I dont think that number is right somehow…I still feel like I am in my 30’s…my body feels like its in its 90’s but my head is still back ten years or so lol….but I know I getting older because………..My granddaughter is coming  down from Taranaki to live on Saturday!!! Omg I so cant wait…ohhh and she is bring her Daddy and Mummy as well and yes I am excited about having my son home at last, he always planned to come home once he finished his bakers apprenticeship and he finished in November and so here he comes….hoping to get a job in a bakery and his partner Tracey (more commonly known as young Tracey since we have 3 Tracey’s in our family, my sister (big Tracy), sister in law (little Tracey) and now daughter in law…how weird is that??) is looking for a job in Elderly care. She is already applying to jobs all over Nelson and Motueka. I cant wait to have them here. even though Jodi is now almost 24 and if anything makes you feel old its having grown up kids lol. This my beautiful curly haired wee angel and her Daddy, who once had hair just like that except blonde not red.


anyway off to bed…..night night


V xxx


One thought on “Random things

  1. Brendy says:

    Oh My Gosh , I so can relate to the mess on your table, cept mine was on the floor, it was a case of walk and in back out ROFL.. Im in the process of tidying or rather trying to organise my room its a WIP and has been for a few weeks.. Will get there tho… I can imagine how excited you are with your Family coming to live so close, that will be awesome for you all..xx

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