my first attempt at Deco

So I have been watching a few video’s on Deco lately and I got some really cool little resin dodads off eBay about a month ago and I have been looking at them, thinking what I could do with them (besides using them for making pretty hair things for Katie and Lily) and I just happened to have a couple of wee Making Memories tins in my stash and so last night Katie and I played for a while and then I played again this afternoon and this is the result.

deco 001

deco 005

I used hot glue which i don’t think your suppose to and diamond dust to fill in the gaps, a couple of tin badges that are vintagey, a cameo from De-Lish  a few blingy bits and some of deco bits some sparkly ribbon along the sides, some flatback pearls and wala! its done…don’t know what I am going to do with it but I like it Smile  its sparkly and pretty….just my thing Smile

hugz and happy first day of the Christmas countdown.

V xxx


One thought on “my first attempt at Deco

  1. Brenda says:

    Yeap it is sparkly and pretty well done to you both.. Just the beginnings of other creations in the future Im wondering?

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