The Black Box

Just a quick show and tell. this is part of Mum’s Christmas present, I haven’t finished yet. I brought some Graphic 45 Bird Song papers especially for this project because my Mum is mad about 2 things, birds and all things Asian. This collection was made for her right?

Anyway like I said, it isn’t finished yet…a work in progress, still a bit to go but I wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback, do you think I need to add more to the top? I have papers I plan to fussy cut for the sides but still not sure if the top is finished or not.

This is the bottom, its all painted completely black at the moment. a black box awaiting something special…I hope Smile

phone 002


This is the top, I feel like it needs a little something. I used a crystal prism thingy I got at the $2 shop ages ago on top of a silver doily as the centre. something a bit different. then some Irene flowers and a couple of stick pins I made. the paper is one from the Bird Song collection, I can’t remember which one.

phone 004

And this is from the side, I am going to fussy cut some of the images from the Bird Song collection to go around here.

phone 006

I am calling it Mum’s safe place box because she is always saying she’s put things in her safe place and cant find them again lol. I have also made a mini album with all the families birth dates because she is always asking me birthdays of everyone, with 30 odd in our family now I cant keep it straight. I will take some photos of that soon. And I am going to add a few other things like a matching note book and pen and maybe a clip board with a to do list.

So what do you think? I really hope she likes it. sorry for the terrible photos, I used my phone and I am a bit shaky today (thanks to the RA) so not the best.

anyways that’s what I have been up to the last few days, amongst other things. now I am going to watch TV before I take this headache to bed…in fact I am tempted to skip the TV and curl up in bed with a book after taking some painkillers.

nighters all


V xxx


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