A Very Dexter Moment

phone 002I had a very Dexter moment this morning….but don’t worry, I haven’t become a serial killer, its just alcohol ink, I actually remembered to put on gloves this time, instead of spending days looking like I have been dipping my hands in blood.
In truth until recently I had never even watched Dexter, but I was bored the other night and watched one episode…now…I am hooked…and so of course I had to find somewhere online to watch from the first series cos that’s my thing, everything in series, books or movies or TV programs, I have to start at the start or I cant get into it. at the moment I am reading P.C.Cast’s House of the Night series, yes from start til finish…I am up to book seven now,
I would have been still on book 6 but Katie woke me last night at about 1pm, she had a tummy ache, then she threw up on my bedroom floor! nice!…needless to say, she went back to sleep in my bed and then I couldn’t get back to sleep after the clean up. so on went the light and the kindle until daylight again. I love my kindle.

so I had a wee sicky today, parked on the couch with laptop and TV remote and a big bottle of water. She’s been alright except for a few runs to the loo but now she looked all washed out by 6.30pm so out with the panadol and into bed for her…don’t think I will be long behind her. She will be asleep in moments, she barely made it through our normal bed time ritual, wasn’t even up for the normal chapter of her bedtime story tonight (we are reading Rainbow Fairies at the moment but not from the start which is annoying for me but she couldn’t care less lol).

I spent the day sitting at my desk by the couch trying to finish one of my Christmas projects but I’m still not sure I like the end result. You know how it is, you fiddle and fiddle, rearrange it all…add this…take off that…and it still doesn’t look right. I keep looking at it now and I know its not my best work, I know I can do better but just can’t pin point exactly what it is that I don’t like about it. I may have to revisit it again in a few days.

have a good weekend one and all.


V xxx


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