Poor puss puss

our poor long suffering cat. she tolerated Katie’s toddler years, being dragged around the house by the tummy and given multitudes of kisses and excessive hugs. Katie was 2 when we got Fatty from the SPCA, and made her part of the familyFeb 030

Now she is tolerating the, love you one moment, hate you the next..dress you up when I am bored phrase of Katie’s life. So today after school she got to rock this look…and of course she did it with panache.

nov 005She is really Steve’s cat and he’s the one she loves the most, even though he’s gone more than he is home these days, she is a very loyal cat, the moment he walks through the door, we go back to being mere staff and he gets all her love….come to think of it…our fatty cat is just like Katie,  they both love Steve more than anyone else in the world lol.

august 024

so now he’s back in Aussie for the long term, the cat and the kid have gone back to sometimes playmates lol. and on the few moments Steve can spare his mother on Skype I have to compete with the two of them. honestly that cat knows when her boy is on Skype and she is up on the desk as soon as she hears his voice lol.

but she is our sweetie and she is good company when she chooses to be.

Now before I run off I have got to tell you about the most surprising bargain I got this week, I was at the local dump recycle shop and discovered 2 banana boxes full of brand new scrapbooking stuff, all sorts of things. Not the latest releases but things like Tinkerbell chipboard pieces, Bella alphas, brads, and a big bunch of American Craft flair. I spent $10 and got so much I am even willing to share some of it with Katie lol. So if anyone is in Nelson, pop into the Tahuna recycle shop and grab a bargain, don’t worry….I didn’t get everything lol.

I also was forced to go to Spotlight…I know….terrible huh? they had a good sale going but I had about 10 minutes so grabbed some stuff for some Christmas things I am making, and a pack of 25 kraft cardstock (bargain at $3.50) and then across the road to The Warehouse and they had 30% off Fiskars punches so what’s a girl to do? needless to say….the scrapbook budget is blown for a while.

Anyway you all have a good night, its just started raining here….don’t mind the rain at night, its peaceful and soothing.


V xxx


One thought on “Poor puss puss

  1. Brenda says:

    Whoa you done good with your Shopping Vicky.. I thought I had a bargain from Sl last wek with my Kraft pack cost me $6…Score too at the recycling centre for you who would of thought…
    Fatty is a cool looking cat..

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