Has anyone seen…

My Mojo? I’ve been sick a lot in the last few months and I think all this pain and swelling and whatnot has scared my poor mojo away.

The last 2 layouts I have made I haven’t liked the end result and nothing I could do could get them back on track so to speak. I have given up spending any time at my desk lately because I sit there and stare into space or watch tutorials on youtube trying to find some inspiration but nothing is working.

any ideas on how to kick start my mojo? anyone? someone? please help, I have Christmas challenges coming up and I cant think of a thing.

I have tried buying myself some new goodies (ebay is my new addiction) I have tried online gallery hunting, sketches, videos, doodling even…nothing is working.

what do you do when your mojo just ups and leaves without even leaving a note? it doesn’t call, it doesn’t write…hell it doesn’t even send me a Facebook message. my mojo is just like my son’s in that respect lol.

oh mojo…where did you go? please come home, I miss you so.

please help me get my mojo back.


V xxx


One thought on “Has anyone seen…

  1. Brenda McKay says:

    Aww I hate hearing stuff like this… Is it possible for you to have a scrappy day with a friend or even to attend a class, Thats what gets me going if i find myself losing mojo..Hugsxx

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