It’s finally back

my mojo is finally back. it disappeared for a while, what with all the things going in my life which I will tell you about shortly, my mojo up and left the building but now I have managed 2 layouts I am happy with and a tag for Karen’s tag challenge which closes in a couple of weeks, I still need to make a video for that so I won’t be showing that today but I will share the layouts. the first is for this months Scrappin Patch sketch challenge and features my brother and his youngest son, handsome guys aren’t they Smile 

august 057

and the second one was a just because I felt like scrapping layout and features me and my baby girl, she’s the one with half her teeth missing lol. I thought it was time i celebrated us, its been a while since I took a photo of the two of us and yesterday we played around with the web cam on my new laptop and I just love all the photos we took together. I still get a tingle of joy whenever I get to say that magic word “Daughter” after having only son’s for so long. Even though she’s going through a phase of being a little madam at the moment, she’s still my sweet baby girl.

layout 003

ok so on to my recent issues…two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which affects so much of my life. It causes fatigue and effects the way I think, the way my brain works which makes me forget things and causes what it know as fibro fog as well as depression. as well as other things I haven’t wrapped my head around yet but the biggest one for me is it turns my pain volume level to full bore, think of your stereo and volume knob. well fibro makes mine on full bore all the time and you add that in with RA and you have a bundle of excessive pain that doesn’t quit no matter what sort of pain killers your on. So that’s what is going on in my life at present, just trying to come to terms with yet another medical problem that is making life harder. I have decide to take the advice of my big brother (the very same one in the layout above) and seek professional help to help me through this. I had enough trouble dealing with the RA but this has pushed me over the edge and I need to be able to talk to someone who doesn’t have a vested interest. I cant talk to my family because I don’t want them to worry so much. they worry about me enough as it is…if they took a look inside my head they most definitely wouldn’t like what they see. so I will ask my doctor to refer me to someone next week and learn to deal. Even Mum thinks its a good idea and she is of English decent, brought up by my very proper English grandmother. all stiff upper lip and carry on. Mum doesn’t believe in therapy so that just shows how bad she thinks i am.

anyway that’s why i have been so quiet lately, this year has been a bad one health wise. and isn’t getting any better. thank heavens i have scrapbooking to keep me sane.

btw just have to share this little thing, Dad and Steve just got home from a day out on the boat fishing and brought scallops!!! yummy my favourite!

thanks for reading. let me know what you think of the layouts Smile


V xxx


2 thoughts on “It’s finally back

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh, it’s great to hear from you and to see your layouts, which are gorgeous!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your fibro diagnosis. Although I can’t relate personally, I can on some level because my sister was diagnosed with fibro about 10 years ago. We are very close – we work together and hang out together all the time – so I have seen her suffer first hand. I know how much anxiety can affect her pain levels, and how sleep disturbance can impact on things, and how it can be a big vicious cycle. Definitely agree that you should try to talk to somebody, my sister says counselling has helped her more than any medications (although acupuncture has been really helpful). Let me know if you want her email, she would probably be happy to give you any advice or just another listening ear.
    Big hugs! xx

  2. Brenda says:

    Its Great to have you back Vicky long may your mojo stay.. Really sorry to hear about the fibro, it sounds like hell.. Good on you for taking that step for advice from an independent person, you wont regret it im sure.. Love your LO’s they are great especially the one of you and Katie so precious.. Cant wait to see your tag.. That will be your next post maybe? Big hugs from me too..

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