Nic Howard, Heidi Swapp and Blitzy

I am such a lazy blogger. I haven’t done a post in ages. I can only blame my procrastination for making this happen. I will try to improve…tomorrow lol.

so anyway a few things to share. first I want to thank Nic Howard for allowing me to win a seat in Heidi Swapp’s Art of Observation class last month, we are up to week 3 and I am learning so much and really enjoying it. So thanks heaps Nic, your awesome!!!!

another thing, I don’t know if your aware of a website called Blitzy but its an American site that offers scrap and stamping goodies at amazing prices. and if you join up through me then I get a $1 for everyone who signs up..they ship internationally and their prices are fantastic so click on this link for some great savings

anyway that’s about me, my health has been…well pretty much as bad as always, up and down like a yoyo, its so annoying but its the only life I have so I just have to woman up and live with it right? I admit I have been a bit grumpy lately but I try not to be to hard to live with otherwise my family might give up and move out lol.

ok now I am off to tidy up and start some card making. Have a great day one and all.


V xxx


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