Webster’s Pages Mini Album Kit

I have this Webster’s Pages Mini Album Kit for sale on Trademe for $35 or a buynow of $40 with a wee surprise bonus for using the buy now. Please check out the video,  

I am using this as a trial, if it goes well then I will do others. I am also making mini albums for sale but I will probably sell those for the local market days when I get enough made. Last time I put a mini book on trademe it didn’t sell. its hard to get a good view for things like that on trademe which is why I made a video for this kit.

anyways TFL, time for me to clean up this mess that I call my desk.




2 thoughts on “Webster’s Pages Mini Album Kit

  1. Vicky says:

    thanks Brenda, do you think the price is right? i’m not sure its not to expensive. will see how it goes anyways.
    I havent been round much because I’ve been croak again, had a real bad month but starting to improve. hows things over your way?

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