Happy Birthday to…the old lady on the keyboard

Happy Birthday to me…yada yada yada…so yea it’s my birthday. 43 today. nothing to get excited about. there is only me and Katie at home so no one to celebrate with. I am a bit depressed, missing my boys and Chris as I do on anniversaries like this. But Katie did make me breakfast in bed, coco pops lol…not to bad for a 6 year old. Mum and Dad will take me out for lunch when they get back from the North Island. Dad called me this morning and sung me happy birthday which made me laugh so hard…Dad’s voice is only slightly better than my own lol.

Mum brought my present before they went away 9 days ago. she ordered me an ATG gun from Art of Craft and its awesome!!! ok so I unwrapped it as soon as it arrived but I have always been impatient lol. and I brought myself some goodies in the Scrappin Patch sale, which arrived today so I have some new scrapping toys to play with :).

I spent the day today doing a layout and altering a box for the scrappin patch 6 week challenge. this week is cards which I have already made with a container to put them in. I will post the photos when I take them tomorrow.

I won the first one which just made my day with this pen holder which now dec 004sits on my desk and keeps my clutter in one place lol.

Last week was a notebook which was pretty quick and easy.

and I have finished the altered clipboard and pen for the LSH swap, my first swap and its going to be jetting off to America next week. I will post the video as soon as I have edited it.

anyways my Twilight dvd is almost finished and I am off to bed in a moment. my head is aching like nothing on earth.

nighters everyone




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to…the old lady on the keyboard

  1. Brenda says:

    Awww Happy Birthday Hun E.. Enjoy your goodies.. Its been Sooooooooo long tooooooooooo long. I have a new computer and smarty pants me thought i could change over easy peasy but ummm not sooo. have lost most of my email contacts..

  2. Hannah says:

    Birthdays can be hard when you’re missing special people, but I hope you enjoy a nice celebratory lunch with your parents when they get back. And it was so sweet of Katie to make you cocoa pops for brekky! 🙂

    Congrats on winning the challenge with your gorgeous pen holders, love them!

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