so neglected

my poor blog, its been so neglected and unloved for so long. I just haven’t been doing much in the way of blog worthy things. For months now I have been so up and down with my health that I have had no energy for much of anything.

Christmas was very quiet. Enjoyable with a bit of family here, though my boys couldn’t get home, both of them had to work which is the way of things when they grow up and leave home.

I did get a tripod from Mum and Dad which is something I have wanted for ages. Now I will be able to make more video’s instead of just enjoy everyone else’s on you tube I have become a you tube addict since I got sick. so watch this space.

anyway I am watching an incredibly bad zombie movie so i am off to watch the rest of it. I have a bit of a passion for movies that scare the living daylights out of me lol…but I have learnt not to watch them just before bedtime or I have nightmares lol. at the moment I am watching Zone of the Dead…and it rates worst zombie move EVER. the storyline is ok but the acting is terrible and the script is even worse, full of very cheesy one liners.

have a good night and in case I don’t make it back…a happy new year.



V xxx


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