Inspiration needed

I am trying to decide what to kick off the Kiwi Swaps first swap off with, I am thinking tags or ATC’s since Scrappin Patch has an OTP challenge with ATC’s at the moment. but i am not sure yet.

I have made a pile of ATC’s in the last few days, Katie has been sick and spent most of the time lying on the couch and wanting me nearby so I have been sitting at my desk in the lounge fiddling. its been fun, well except for the Katie being sick thing. She has a nasty virus that’s been going around the school. It feels like she has barely got over one when another one strikes her down, I will be glad when summer hits and virus season is over (fingers crossed)

so between her being sick, Mum having an overdose of OCD in her panic of the up coming family invasion for Mum and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary and my needing to reorganise my office and new craft space as well as being a bit sick myself its been a very hectic week in our house.

we have approximately 30 people staying here for the party we are having for Mum and Dad’s anniversary, though that figure tends to change daily and it seems like Mum has a never ending list of things that must be done, RIGHT NOW…lol…I love her but she does go overboard sometimes. we have the food organised, its in the backyard and we have the marquee organised, there is pretty much enough room for everyone to sleep…though we will be going marae style in the lounge for the younger ones. about the only thing we haven’t done is warned the neighbours lol. it will be a good night. and most importantly my son and his partner and my granddaughter will be here…yay I finally get to be Granz to my wee darling!!!! I cant wait.

and yes you can just bet there will be a heap of photos posted after the event so watch this space. but now…its time to go dose small child with her medicine and get her into bed, she slept most of the afternoon away on the couch so she got to stay up a bit later than normal tonight.

good night one and all, and don’t forget to pop over to kiwi swaps and click on followers.


V xxx


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