Still a little angry

On Wednesday I took Katie to gymnastics as normal. While she is off doing her thing I was sitting in the bleachers with the other mums listening to music and reading a book on my touch phone, when i heard two mothers behind me talking, i don’t normally eavesdrop but when they are practically in your ear its hard not to. they were talking about “that big girl” and how she shouldn’t be there with the other smaller kids. The “big girl” they were talking about was my darling wee Katie. I listen a little further to make sure they weren’t talking about someone else when they carried on about how badly she was dressed (shorts and a t shirt just like all the other girls) and how her mother did her no favours by bringing her to gymnastics as she would never be any good. I just about blew my top, how dare they. I turned and quite calmly informed them that it was my daughter they were busy running down and why was it they felt she didn’t deserve to be amongst her own age group. two very embarrassed ladies (and I use the term loosely) stumble over an obvious unfelt apology and looked everywhere but at me. they took the first excuse to move to the other side of the room as quickly as they could. While all I could think was those nasty bitches, how dare they run my daughter down. Yes Katie is big for her age but she is also the most caring, loving little girl out of all those in her class and her teacher has told me that often. So she will never be a gymnast, but doing the sport gives her the confidence and agility that she needs to play other sports.

why are people so nasty, i have always known little girls can be the nastiest creatures on earth but obviously some of them get it from their mothers!!!!

sorry to vent like this…..but I am still so angry….how DARE THEY RUN MY BABY GIRL DOWN!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Still a little angry

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh Vicky, that is just awful! No wonder you are angry, you have every right to be. I am so glad that you turned around and told them what you did. I’ve had similar things happen and I’m always so shocked that it renders me speechless … then later on, while I’m still trying to get over it, I think of all the things I SHOULD have said. Good on you for putting them on the spot and embarrassing them, hopefully it will make them think twice next time they think about speaking nastily about another person, especially a child! I agree with you, the nasty little girls probably DO get their behaviour from their mothers! You should be so proud of Katie and the fact that she is the kindest girl in the class. She obviously enjoys gymnastics and why shouldn’t she continue going, even if she is not “built” like some people think all gymnasts should be built. I mean honestly most parents who take their young kids to sport or dancing or whatever are doing it to build up their confidence and give them lots of neat experiences, NOT because they have dreams and aspirations for them to become Olympic athletes!

  2. lynne1 says:

    Super big hugs Vicky, I am too so pleased you turned and told them that. Where do people get off, judging,stating, or even saying such nasty words. We wonder why in todays world some people grow up to be bitter and twisted…..shakes my head big! Most parents don’t send their children to activities to be world top, but because that child wants to participate in that thing. Luckily Katie has a gorgeous mum like yourself who will grow up super strong and amazing. Good on you for venting too and making others aware that this behaviour from other parents (anyone) is not acceptable. xox

  3. Brenda says:

    OMG How cruel, you have every right to be angry Vicky. I sure as hell would of been… Go you for turning on them they deserved all they got and more.. Serve them right also that you embarrassed them haha perhaps they may think twice before they run someone down in future.. Stand tall and Be Proud of your Katie, She rocks!!!

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