Stupid computer



I know it’s been age’s but my stupid computer is still playing up and I can’t afford to get it fixed at the moment so I downloaded an app for my phone and am using that for now. I was saving for an ereader but might have to look at a new laptop instead maybe an ipad. Dreams are free lol.
So I have been working on an art journal lately. It’s a labour of love it’s just kinda nice to do something just for me. As soon as I can work out how I will upload some photos. It’s sort of steampunk inspired and I’ve used a lot of dark colours and metalics. I’ve also done alot of wet embossing and experimenting with my own embossing powder mixes. Lots of fun and mess. Can’t wait to share.
Anyway all this careful touch screen typing is making my fingers sore lol. Katie has had a really bad cold all week and judging by the headache I have she has shared it with me
Why did I teach her to share??? Lol.
Hugs to all
V xxx


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