I’m Here, I’m Alive, I’m Tired!!!

I know, its been a wee while, a month or more…and I am so slack! but I do have a good excuse, the dog ate my computer….ok maybe not, i don’t have a dog but my laptop has developed into a sentient life form, it all of a sudden decided that it didn’t like me typing any more so started jumping the cursor all over the show to stop me abusing it any longer. I don’t know what happened, but right now its behaving so I will just touch wood and hope it lasts for a while.

so I have been sick…sicker than I have been in ages. Full on flare for almost a month and its wrung me out, i am pretty much recovered now but still tire easily. my darling specialist has put me on the latest wonder drug, which is a nice sharp needle once a week…I know, your all jealous, you all secretly want to stab yourself with a razor sharp needle too…you can have mine if you want…lol. actually it seems to be working which is a good thing, because i was right on the border of insanity before it kicked in. I got very depressed, started question my reason for living which is just crazy talk but pain can do strange things to the mind. (including shrink it apparently)

so apart from that small bout of insanity not much has been going on, the school holidays happen to fall right when i was at my worst so we didn’t do a lot, poor Katie, her first school holidays and she spent most of it at home. We did go to the Mapua Easter show (it rained and Katie had an asthma attack on the bouncy castle) and she got to go and watch her grandfather arrive back from a hunting trip on a helicopter (the pilot even let her sit in the chopper) and a few side trips with Nan and Granddad, shopping, maccers…that sort of thing. so she didn’t miss out all together.

anyways she is back at school and happy little vegemite, she started gymnastics this term and loves it, though coordination is no more her thing than it was mine at that age, hopefully gymnastics will help.

Steve decided not to come home, he is now working for a car valet company while he decides what he is going to do next. he needs to get his drivers license before he can join my nephew and brother at the mine where my brother is a shift boss. so thats his aim at the moment. at least he has one.

Jodi and Tracey finally sent me some photos of my beautiful granddaughter, i cant share them cos i cant work out how to get them off my phone but trust me, she is a little redheaded beauty!

and thats about it really, i have done a bit of scrapbooking but not nearly enough. no inspiration or energy lately. it doesn’t help that Katie has taken to waking at ridiculously early hours of the morning and climbing into bed with me and proceeding to wiggle and squiggle and generally stop me from getting a decent nights sleep…I love my daughter…I really do…just not as much at 4am!

have a good day one and all…time for lunch


V xxx

ps..special big thanks goes to the most awesome Kate from Crafty Tart, thanks for going the extra distance!!! best customer service EVER!


One thought on “I’m Here, I’m Alive, I’m Tired!!!

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Vicky,
    I figured things werent in your favour.. Eekk about having to have the needle, but I guess if it helps then it is not an option. Its good that Katie is doing Gymnastics, the littlies look so cute don’t they.. Thats awesome that you have pics of your wee grand daughter too.. LOL at you not knowing how to get them off your phone tho!! I took some on mine of the flooding last week after I realised I had left my camera at home grrrrrrrrrrrr. Now I am in the same boat as you..Need time to work it out! Hope you are feeling better with the new Drugs..

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