Good News

I had the best news today, Steve is coming home!! After nearly a year in Aussie he’s decided to call it quits and come home to join the army. He lost his job a few weeks ago and hasn’t been able to find another one so home he comes! I cant wait!

I need to do a bit of a show off now…I finally finished the canvas the other day and I am so proud of it.april 005  What do you think? its my ode to the Doctor lol…how sad am I?








and a little more shown off. Two of the three Scrappin Patch layouts for this month. I have been busy….still got the cold but sometimes you just need to scrap to keep you sane.

april 006

april 007

Thought it was about time I dug deep and scrapped some old old photos…1975 is OLD lol….I was 4 when that was taken. So long ago. The bottom one is my sister and I, taken 4 days after Katie was born!

anyways I am off…dinner time…have a good night all


V xxx


2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Brenda McKay says:

    WOWEEE…. I love your canvas, very nice!!!!
    A lovely piece of “Art” for your room.. Also your LO’s for SP are looking fab well done you..

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