I Know

poor wee neglected blog…I know, its not getting the attention it deserves. No excuse really, cept I keep forgetting lol.

so strangest thing happened this week….Remember about a month ago I said how my nephew Ben had to get his appendices out? well you wouldn’t believe it but last week his brother Daniel was rushed to Invercargill for the very same reason…what’s the chances? two kids from one family having the same operation in such a short span of time? how weird. Anyways he’s home now and recovering, poor baby…when I say baby I mean overly tall 16 year old lol. My poor sister, she’s exhausted. And it was her birthday yesterday but they couldn’t go out for dinner because Dan is still not well enough. But her and a friend are having a 70th birthday next weekend, combing their ages lol.

So besides that bit of drama, let me see what else has been happening. Oh I had jury duty last week, but I wasn’t picked so it was pretty much a non event, I spent two mornings at the court house waiting to not get picked lol. I am so glad I wasn’t picked for the 2nd case, it was a nasty one. not allowed to go into details but not something any woman would want to have to go through.

on a happier note, I have started doing a mixed media canvas for my lounge, or bedroom….haven’t decided which yet lol.

Since Dad brought a 50 inch TV to watch the world cup on and their wee lounge was too small we decided to do a bit swap around and now I have my own wee lounge, bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite which was originally built for Mum and Dad, and they have the other end of the house with the big family room and my old bedroom…I think I get the better deal here lol…but the walls are very neutral and I needed to introduce a shock of colour…so out with the crafty skills…a lot of experimenting and a bit of this, that and the other…and watch this space for the finished product later this week. I’ve been working on and off for a week but I’ve had a cold and coughing like mad so haven’t got it finished yet. Besides…I think rearranging it time and again is half the fun lol.

now how about a little share, haven’t done one for a while. So this is what I did for Scrappin Patch’s challenges for March, The theme for the month was Time will Tell.

march 033

layouts 001

march 003-1

Anyway that’s me. You all have a fab day, sun is shining here in Wakefield, its gonna be a lovely day.


V xxx


One thought on “I Know

  1. Brenda McKay says:

    Hello!! Well you have had an interesting week havnt you? what with a revamp in your house, Jury Duty as well as the worry of your nephew.. Loved your submissions to Scrappin Patch lots of color and fab photo’s. Whoa a 50 inch tele? Just got my tape measure out WTG Dad!!
    I will definitely be watching this space to see what you create in your new space..

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