It’s no clearer

yesterday I went to hospital to get the camera in my stomach, the only think i can remember is lying down and then waking up lol. but it didn’t find anything so now I am going to need even more tests, fun fun fun….meantime, stomach is still giving me hell, joints still ache and i still feel like death warmed up. Zero energy and feel super gross.

so it means everything is slowed down, I am not doing much of anything. I did spend sometime earlier in the week doing a quick clean up of my scrap room and list a few things on trademe .I am planning to buy an e-reader, so I am getting rid of the excess around here…slowly which is about my only speed at the moment.

anyway its time for me to go make a few beds, Mum is busy making grape jelly and it smells beautiful…yummm

have a good day


V xxx


2 thoughts on “It’s no clearer

  1. Brenda says:

    Well I am not sure what to say on this one… The only good thing is they didnt find anything wrong. Really when you are feeling like S… and no one can give you an answer to why,
    then I can understand you feeling the way you do. Lets hope the next round of tests give you some results that are positive and able to work through successfully.
    Btw I am being “Doh” here What is an e-reader?
    Grape Jelly sounds Delish
    Take care xxx

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