More highs than lows

its been a few weeks of highs and lows. some good highs, like a phone call and several emails from Brenda, she is helping to make bottles of goodies for Christchurch kiddies to help them recover from the quake. I have filled 5 bottles so far and hopefully make a few more before next week. It’s such a good idea and so great to be involved in something so positive.

018another high was this wee message on the top of a box that arrived from the lovely Ms Davies last week, a trademe bargains from one of my very favourite traders Smile

its the little things that can give the biggest smiles.

another reason to smile is my wee darling girl. she has just slipped into the routine of school like shes always been there and just loves learning.

march 008last Friday her school joined into the red and black day for Christchurch (pleased to report that they raised over $500, not bad for a small country school) and me being me and a bit of the crafty side, whipped up a quick tulle skirt for her to wear. she looked so CUTE!! Even sitting in her block bucket before school lol.

red and black leg warmers in her arms, black and red tshirt, black leggings and her funky wee skirt, and heaps of red and black ribbons in her hair….just the perfect colours for her too lol. She must have been born to be a Crusaders fan!

014and yesterday we had a swimming carnival for her syndicate, they were all so cute, showing what they have learnt since the beginning of the year. I cant believe how quickly all the kids have picked up the basics, and they were so proud of themselves.


another thing that made me smile last week was a long long phone call from my best friend from high school Heather, we haven’t seen each other for more years than i care to count but have kept in touch sporadically over the years. she lives in Rangiora which thankfully was not bad affected by the earthquakes. it was great to catch up.

so the not so happy moments (the lows) my health is not so good, i am having some serious issues with my stomach that the GP is clueless on. My specialist has booked me in for a Upper GI Endoscopy next week which I am somewhere between dreading and hopeful…hoping it will tell me what is wrong and dreading that it will be something terrible. My normal, stay positive, attitude is slipping a little at the moment. So send me some positive thoughts ladies and gentlemen.

anyways I am off to watch last weeks NCIS…I bloody love My Sky lol


V xxx


2 thoughts on “More highs than lows

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh wow, how grown up (and cute) does Katie look in her red & black gear?! Amazing! It’s wonderful to hear that she is loving school so much. It’s awesome to see how much they learn in the first couple of years.

    I’m really sorry to hear about your health issues, and that you need to have an endoscopy. But hopefully it will give the answers that you are needing, so you can fix the problem for good.

    Big HUGS!

  2. Brenda says:

    I cant believe I missed this post, Miss katie looks so gorgeous in and out of the pool.. Go you for making her the wee skirt Vicky.. WTg Wakefield $500 raised WOW that is fantastic!!!
    Thank you so much for helping out with the bottle drive. You are awesome!!! xx

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