What is there to say?

it hasn’t sunk in…my heart breaks with every new story, every new video or picture. I would love to jump in the car and go and help where ever I could but I’m sick again. I have spent nearly everyday in bed, watching up dates on my laptop, sometimes in tears for what our cantab family has had to go through. I am thankful that my friends and family are all safe as far as I know. But I wish that it was the same for all the cantabs.

My parents arrived home on Monday night, having decided to come home a day early as they had planned to leave Christchurch Tuesday afternoon originally but with me still being sick they thought it best to head home earlier and I am so glad they did. they were staying in Avonside, right in the heart of it.

my thoughts and prayers are with the families grieving for loved ones, for those who have people missing and for all that have endured such horror.

my love also goes to my nephew Ben who was rushed to hospital yesterday with appendicitis. He had to get an emergency op in Dunedin last night but is already out of hospital and back at his hall of residence ready to start Uni on Monday. so proud of him, the first of our family to go to university straight from school.

anyway need to go ring my DS for his birthday, 22 today…I cant believe how quick the time goes.


V xxx


One thought on “What is there to say?

  1. Brenda says:

    I am right up there with you Vicky, thinking of everyone who is involved in this tragedy and feeling so helpless. I have joined a couple of groups through our scrapbooking community and will be helping to fundraise through them. It’s the least we can do.. Sorry you are not well again and so soon after your last bout too. Hugs xoxo

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