It’s been one of those weeks, one of those weeks when I have struggled health wise, another infection, another flare, another depressing week that I just couldn’t seem to shake. I am so glad its over. I spent most of it either sleeping or reading or staring aimlessly at the TV. But today I felt almost normal…which is just as well because Mum and Dad left for the wedding this morning.

So I will take it easy this weekend, though I did promise Katie I would help her make a little stuffie. She wants to learn how to sew and I figured a wee felt soft toy would be a good place to start. wish me luck lol.

So today I got to spend some quality time in my scrapbook room doing this fortnights challenge at Scrappin Patch. I used a lot of Sassafrass Lass…I am such a Sassy Lassy lol. I love how they are organising their challenges now, makes it so easy to find what’s going on and having only 3 a month means you can do them all without a panic.

here’s the result

layouts 014-1












I am so pleased with it…btw…our wee lady has settled right into school…no dramas except one small one yesterday when Mum went to pick her up and she was upset because she was the only one in her class that had not been to the dental nurse yet! seriously this child is crazy…we use to do anything we could to avoid going to the “murder house” and she’s busting to go lol…I think she thinks she’s missing out on something Smile funny kid! Best thing about her being at school…she sleeps soooo well!!! she’s in bed by 7.30 and normal sound asleep by 8pm….I love it!!!!

Anyway since I am still in recovery mode…I best have an early night so have a good weekend one and all.


V xxx


2 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad week 😦
    I hope the weekend is wonderful for you!

    Great to hear that Katie is settling into school so well, LOL at wanting to go to the dental nurse … my boys are the same, they love going, it’s great that it doesn’t have the horrible bad rap that it had when we were kids! Long may it last!

    LOVE the layout, too!

  2. Brenda says:

    That’s crap about being so sick. Hope things will get better from now on.. Awesome LO I love it. Katie looks like such a willing subject. Good luck with the stuffed toy..
    Oh the “murder house” I remember it well..Go Katie good little girl..
    I bet you are pleased you opted for not going to the wedding now!!
    have a good week
    hugs xx

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