2nd Day

How peaceful it is…Katie could hardly wait to get to school this morning. All I got was a quick kiss and a bye Mummy, love you and she was off lol…I love it!!!!

so I got home and sat down with a cup of tea and watched Nichol Magourik’s start to finish video which I watch every week. It was so nice to be able to watch the whole thing without interruptions lol. I love these videos, totally inspiring. Every time I watch one I just want to run into my scrap room and start scrapping. of course this morning I better do the housework first but I think I will have to squeeze in some scrapping time later…unless I end up in town with Mum who wants to go and find something to wear for my cousins wedding weekend after next.

I was suppose to go to the wedding but the thought of taking Katie to, what sounds like, a very proper, very posh, affair did not appeal to me. Apparently my cousins bride to be has turned into a total bridezilla lol…they have 125 guests and only 25 of those are the grooms family and friends!! I mean seriously, we are from a family that numbers in the hundreds so I can understand them not inviting the whole family but still…25? that’s hardly fair is it? I love my big bulky 6.7ft cousin…he’s a teddy bear but I will concede my place at the family table for someone who really wants to be there…like one of my uncles who is coming down from Wellington and crashing the wedding lol…good on him…

well…..the housework awaits…have a great day all…and go check out Nichol’s video…get inspired!


V xxx


One thought on “2nd Day

  1. Brenda says:

    Great that Katie is settling in to school so well.. I hear you on the wedding scenario Vicky, good on you for the decision you have made and good on your Uncle too. Will be interesting to see if he gets accepted!! Will check out the video when I get a mo…

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