She’s a school girl now

I can’t believe it…my baby had her first day at school today. Where did the last 5 years go? Did I 1st day 005shed a tear upon leaving the school this morning? welll maybe a little one 🙂 but she was so happy to be there that it wasn’t nearly as hard to leave her as I thought. She bounced into that classroom this morning like she had always been there, greeted her teacher like an old friend and looked like she belonged.  Btw the photo was taken moments after the bell rung and she was telling me to hurry up, she would be late for class lol. That’s my baby!

She even took herself off to explore the library at lunchtime all on her own. that’s my little bookworm lol. I am so happy she has just settled right in like that. Like all Mum’s I have been worried about her. But she will be fine. though she was so tired tonight she was asleep by 7.30, something that just hasn’t happened with the heat we have had lately. She just crashed, it was great lol.

anyway had to share Katie’s first day….I am still in the OMG she’s a school girl phase…give me a week or so to get use to this new phase of our lives lol…….after all…its taken me 6 months to get use to Steve being in Australia…well 6 months so far lol

thats me, I am wiped out…time for bed

night night


V xxx


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