Look what the cat dragged


the other night about 10pm, I was sitting watching tv when the cat jumped through the lounge window with a wee baby rabbit in its mouth. She hadnt damaged it, just frightened the poor thing half to death. And she wasnt going to give it up either, little witch! I rescued it and Mum and I made it a wee bed in the cats portabox so I could show Katie in the morning, and to make sure it was alright. Katie was so excited, of course she wanted to keep it, and promptly named it Sally before we let it go in the backyard and it took off into the bush. I explained to Katie the Sally had to go back to her Mummy and Daddy and she was happy with that. Now of course she wants a pet bunny lol.


One thought on “Look what the cat dragged

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh how cute is that reminds me of when we were living on the coast. Our cat used to regularly bring home rabbits, and drag them somehow through the car window (which was parked in the carport) but sadly they didnt live like this one has..

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