Summer days…

Ahhh the bliss of summer days…no timetable….no rushing…just pure relaxation….YEA RIGHT! seems like everyday there is a rush on…somewhere to go. So today I shouted STOP!!!! because some times you just have to right? I enjoyed the day. Watched Primeval online and played Kinetic. And spent time with my bored 5 year old…she is at a lose on what to do with herself…no preschool….no school…So we have been doing a lot of drawing…practise writing and just about anything else to keep her busy.

The other day we went into town to get Dad an external hard drive and came out of Dick Smith with a Xbox 360, Kinetic and some games including Kinetimals which Katie just loves, almost as much as I do lol. Its so cute and totally addictive. We brought it with the idea that it would be great exercise for the whole family and it most definitely is. The games are so much fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise until you realise that its sweat running your face lol.

Yesterday we went to Cable Bay, we met up with my brother and his family, they came over from Blenheim. We were going to Pelorus but it was far to cold there so we went to Cable Bay instead and it was lovely. We had a fantastic time, the water was so warm, the kids swam all day giving me heaps of photo ops lol. While the bigger ones swam, the little ones played in the shallows and on the stones. I spent a lot of time studying our wee Harmony’s face, she has just turn two and has one of those faces that has a hundred different looks. She was sitting on a rock watching her Dad swimming and I kneeled down in front of her taking photo after photo…she is just so beautiful and sweet…she’s a darling. Meanwhile my poor niece was totally worn out chasing her wee darling…18 month old Keita who has the energy of 3 kids all wrapped in a cute, tiny wee bundle…she never gives her poor Mum a moment to catch her breath. I took her to play on the beach for a while and little miss no fear was in the water in moments…by the time I returned her to her Mum she was soaked but happy lol…I love having the wee ones around, they are so sweet and I can play with them then happily give them back lol…and having them around sort of makes up for not having my own granddaughter here. A wee bit anyway.




All in all it was a good day, it wore all of us out and Katie is still tired. She went to bed happily enough last night and tonight, hardly surprising since she has been playing pirate with her grandfather all day, he brought a new hull for his boat the other day and Katie thinks its her own private play boat. Dad is trying to do it up and shes busy making him play her games lol.

anyway its time for me to go to bed….I was going to stay up and watch a movie but I’m to tired. So have a good week this week….I will be back Smile


V xxx


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