So a new year, what will it bring? I thought about making New Years resolutions but I never keep them so it what will be will be….I will be happy if at the end of this year I am a bit healthier and a bit slimmer. I would be even happier if I won lotto but wouldnt we all lol.

Right now I am just attempting to get my mojo back. I have done a couple of projects but my scrapbook room has been a dumping ground lately and I can barely my desk. I need to clean it out before I can get back into the swing of things. I did put in an order at Scottie Crafts during their sale this week. Hopeful that will kick start some serious creativity. Since my last bout of RA flare ups I havent had much interest in doing anything much. Even though I am feeling better I think the last flare stole my mojo!

But here are the 2 projects I have completedIMG_3765











Seems like I took these photos a lifetime ago, in actual fact it was 4 years ago shortly before Katie’s first birthday. She was so sweet! Still is….most of the time lol


This one isnt about the photos, but the photo holder which I started about a month ago, I was going to give it to Mum for Christmas but found something else I liked a lot more so it went into the “things I must finish one day” pile. So the other day I pulled it out and looked it over and just got to work…and now its a present for me! a special place for my special darlings.

so besides that…not much happening….my darling sweet great niece pulled half a dozen keys off my keyboard yesterday…she’s so lovely! I would have gone off my rocker if she hadn’t been so cute, I mean could you tell this face offIMG_3617…the little one…not the big one lol….She’s 18 month old and a right little ratbag but soooo cute! I managed to get nearly all the keys back on except the backspace…that will need a more expert touch than mine. She is soooo lucky she is soooo cute lol. If anyone knows how to get a backspace key back on to a Toshiba Satellite Pro please let me know!

Anyway I am off to put a small, cheeky wee girl to bed. She’s feeling pleased with herself today, she finally spent her birthday money…on another Bitty Button doll…She got $20 from my nephew for her birthday, and has been collecting change for the last few weeks…..most of it mine typically! lol…So now she has a friend for the doll she got for her birthday and spent the afternoon having them talk to each other lol….now she needs to go to bed cos I am tired hehe

have a good night all


V xxx


One thought on “2011

  1. Brenda says:

    New Years Resolutions?? I have made only one and that is to sort my scraproom out. I spent all day in there today and it is starting to look ok!!Nice that you are back into some scrapping Vicky. The Photo holder is Fab well done. Who are the Boys in the pics? Hard to believe that that little one took the keys off your board, even I cant do that. I really like what you did with Katie’s L/o Nice work.
    Happy New Year!!!

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